Back Country Horsemen

Make A Difference

By Ken Carmichael

Would you like to make a difference in your community? If yes, then now is the time! 

Opportunities abound in all of our communities to make a difference. Some people run for public office and some perform volunteer work. Whatever you choose you can make a difference. 

I do not have the statistics about the amount of work done by volunteers or the number of people involved, but I know from experience that these individuals make a difference in our communities.

I read an article once that provided the key motivation factors in volunteering. They are:

  • To help others
  • To be involved in their community
  • To contribute to a cause
  • To develop new skills and have new experiences
  • To use their skills in a productive way
  • To stay fit

I will add another and that is the social aspect of being around others with common interests.

One thing about volunteering is that you get to choose what, when, where and how you work and with who. Typically, people choose those activities based on previous interests.

My interests gravitate towards my boat and horses. Being a trail rider, I am interested in keeping trails open on our public lands. BACK COUNTRY HORSEMEN OF WASHINGTON does this with 30 chapters spread across the state. In Spokane I belong to the Ponderosa chapter where we primarily work with the county, State Parks and Bureau of Land Management. The chapter provides the opportunity for education, advocacy and helping on the ground with trailheads and trails. And those that actively participate have lots of fun doing it.

I encourage everyone to find some way to volunteer in your scope of interests. If you are an equestrian interested in keeping trails open, I recommend the Back Country Horsemen of Washington. Learn more and complete a membership application at For more information about the Ponderosa chapter visit our website at Or call me at 509-466-2225. I am always willing to talk horses!

Bottom line, volunteer to make our communities better and find a fit that is FUN for you. I hope to see you on the trail.

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