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Idaho - Stolen 9/26/97 -- FOUND 9/17/98



She is 15.1 hands and a spotted racking horse (double registered). The right side is white completely on the body and the left has one big brown fleabitten spot on her hip and side. Her mane is black at the top and the rest is white. Her tail is white at the top and the rest is black and brown. Her head is brown with a blaze. The brown color goes past her ears and down her neck a little on both sides of the neck. The blaze looks a little like she has a white halter strap across her nose and there is a pink snip on her nose. Her brown on her head is fleabitten also and looks like it is fading away a little. When she racks her tail sticks straight up in the air.

She was stolen on 9/26/97 from our pasture in Shelby, NC. There have been others stolen in the surrounding counties. Each time a horse is stolen one or two is picked out and the rest are left behind. In our case Idaho was picked out and 2 others were left. The other 2 would have been easy to catch and load and Idaho was neither. They just wanted that horse.

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