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"...we are delighted to have people draw down our information, whatever their motive is."
- Reed Hundt, ex-FCC Chairman

About Horse Previews
Horse Previews Magazine is a quarterly All Breed Horse Publication featuring informative articles, a Calendar of Events, and listings of Horse Clubs & Organizations. In addition, Horse Previews Magazine caters to a wide variety of horse lovers, keeping you abreast of shows, seminars and any event dealing with horses.
Horse Previews is locally owned and operated by The Exchange Publishing in Spokane, Washington, U.S.A. It's regional shopper, The Exchange Nickel Want Ads, is published weekly in print and electronic editions and distributed throughout five counties in Eastern Washington. The Exchange is a proud member of Pacific Northwest Association of Want Ad Newspapers (PNAWAN).-January 2011
Distribution Over 6,500 copies of Horse Previews are distributed quarterly in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana & British Columbia. Copies are delivered to Western, Tack, Feed, Farm, & Horse Supply stores, plus other selected outlets. Contact our offices to find out where you can pick up your copy of the Horse Previews in the Pacific Northwest. Don't hesitate to call us if you would like Horse Previews distributed in your town, & know an appropriate outlet, 1-800-326-2223.
Subscriptions are available for $20 annually in the United State and $24 for readers in Canada.
Special Sections Clubs & Organizations
Mail your organization's name, meeting place, contact person and phone number for publication. This is a free service to horse organizations throughout the Inland Northwest Region.
Calendar of Events
Your horse events are listed free in the Horse Previews. Mail us your updated information for your next event, or call us & leave a message.
Horse Previews Magazine reserves the right to refuse ads which are contrary to its policies and is not liable for the condition of the advertised articles or for composition errors. Horse Previews will not be responsible for error in copy beyond adequate consideration for the error comensurate with the space utilized. Neither Horse Previews nor its advertisers intends prejudice because of age, creed, disability, origin or sex.