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The Oliga (pronounced Oh-La-Gah) Indian Bridle is the closest thing to riding with no bridle at all! Fashioned after the Plains Indians' war-bridle, this modern version re-awakens the spirit of the Native American horseman with its ability to create a "oneness " between rider and horse.

The Oliga version of the Native American war bridle offers you the chance to experience riding where intimate communication with your horse is a must. With this bridle, and a little patience, you and your horse can experience a more relaxed natural ride. Only after using the Oliga bridle will you realize your current dependence on your reins for holding on and as your only means of communication with your horse. The Oliga Indian Bridle will teach you to let go of the reins as your only source of communication with your horse and allow you the opportunity to learn and experience the "oneness" with your mount that till this day was experienced only by the early Native American horsemen.

The concept behind the workings of the Oliga Indian Bridle is simple. It applies light pressure, not so much to the bars of the mouth , but to the outside of the mouth. Therefore, it communicates your hand cues in a different area than a normal metal bit. It is a pleasant change to a horse that is completely bit sore and fighting because of its discomfort with metal bits. The Oliga bridle allows him to think about what he is being asked to do instead of thinking about fighting the metal bit. Further with no leather bridle strapping, there is no pressure on the poll , on the nose or under the chin! We feel that this opens up lines of communication that are lost with a standard bridle and metal bit due to distraction caused by excessive poll pressure and mouth pain.

Begin your next lesson or schooling with the Oliga Indian Bridle and you may find your horse easily doing things you've been trying weeks to get him to do with your conventional bridle and metal bit. You may also find yourself riding and communicating with your horse like you never have before. We've found that this bridle is suitable for trail riding, freestyle reining, team penning, costume classes, jumping, English and Western Pleasure training, dressage training, and the list goes on.

Trainers are finding the Oliga Indian Bridle is a good tool for dealing with various problems such as horses that carry their heads unusually high, horses with mouth problems, poll problems, bit sour, etc. Because of where and how the Oliga bridle applies pressure on the mouth, it helps to teach any horse to neck rein. As you apply pressure to the neck you are also applying pressure on the mouth on the same side.

If you would like to change the way you and your horse relate to each other, try our bridle system and see if it doesn't work for both of you.

For further information you can contact us at: 410-840-0249 or write us at Oliga Indian Bridles, 3663 Hyser Rd., Taneytown, Md. 21787. Web-page address:

Also available are Warrior's Reward Equine Decorations (feathers,etc.) Donations of $1.00 from each bridle sale are donated to Native American Environmental Groups and Charities.

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