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The Midwest Fjord Horse Show


Ron Davis driving Lee & Slick on mower

The Midwest Fjord horse show was held in Blue Earth, MN this year the last week of July in conjunction with an evaluation for Fjord horses. Nearly 100 horses were there to represent the breed. The evaluation process is a noncompetitive way of judging each horse so the owner is aware of the strong and weak points of horses used in a breeding program. This is a process formulated by a committee of the Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry, modeled after evaluations done in Norway and Holland. The show in Blue Earth involves all aspects of use of the Fjord horse. Classes are offered for novice riders and drivers, as well as professionals. The costume class is always fun to watch, because the kids really have fun with their new ideas and costumes. Everyone gets a first prize in that class. Riders are seen in English and Western classes with riders from three years to sixty plus years. Drivers may drive carts of all types, from old time stud carts and Meadowbrooks to combined driving vehicles. Draft and multiple hitch classes are always exciting to watch. This year, besides the four horse, unicorn, and tandem hitches; there were three demonstration drives for the audience. Two of these were six horse hitches, and the other was a four abreast hitch. Of these, one of the six horse hitches was all grey Fjords. As far as anyone knows, this is a first! There aren't that many grey Fjords in the first place, and to get six together at one show is unheard of. This was a community effort of two families, Larry and Lynn Boe of Creston, B.C. and Ron and Kit Davis of Culver, MN. The Boes brought down four greys and the Davis' brought two. Of these, one was a stallion and five were mares, three of them only two year olds. They were driven as a six up one time before going before an audience, but proved to be typical Fjords and took it all in stride, performing beautifully. Larry drove his four up front, and Kit drove two on the wheel. An interesting fact about this six up is that they all have the same grandsire, Rorik, owned by the Boes. Greys are a product of recessive genes, so they are difficult to breed for, and just pop up. It was an exciting venture.

Submitted by Kit Davis

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