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Farrier's Association of Washington State

The 26th annual F.A.W.S. (Farrier's Assocation of Washington State) Convention and Competition will be held September 24, 25, 26 at the Silver Shoe Arabian Ranch, 301 Dudley Road, Thorp, Washington, in central Washington off I-90. The clinician featured this year is Dave Ferguson. The clinic topic will center on farrier techniques to help foundered horses. Admission on September 24 and 25 is free. There is a lecture fee for the program on September 26. Horseshoe and farrier supply vendors will feature their products as well. Call 509-964-2971 for more information. All farriers, veterinarians, horsemen and spectators are welcome. Mr. Ferguson's credentials include: liason for the American Farrier's Association with the Equine Research Board and member of the U.S. Farrier's Team.

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