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Wishing Star Gallop Is Near!

Wishing Star Gallop '98


Saturday, August 15th ~ Spokane Interstate Fairgrounds
Making 'Special' Childrens' Dreams a Reality!

We're hoping you've all marked and reserved Saturday, August 15th on your calendars for this fun, exciting, and entertaining day. Be sure to check our Gallop ad (printed in this issue) for time, and location. Activities will be taking place throughout the day.

Gallop programs will be available for purchase - only - at Indiana Harness after August 1st. They will also be available at the auction. No advanced ticket sales needed, but come early to assure yourself of good seating. The American Italian Club Restaurant will be setup in the trade show area for a mouth watering meal. This option will enable you to enjoy fine food, without leaving the fairgrounds. The American Italian Club is once again a sponsor of Wishing Star Gallop and all proceeds from the Restaurant will benefit our Wishing Star children. Another sponsor helping us at the event is the Spokane Sea Hawkers. They will be taking care of the bar. Beer will be served during the event, with all proceeds going to the Wishing Star Foundation. In addition to the restaurant we will also have a Gallop snack bar available. The day and evening is designed with many activities to entertain you, not to mention some added surprises that will take you're breath away, and pull at your hearts!

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