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Baxter Black: The Osage Steer

The Osage Steer

by Baxter Black, DVM

Ronnie had one steer left in the 160, so he made arrangements for Hunky and Jeff to come out and rope him.

It was a pretty summer morning on the Osage, not far from Pawhuska. Ronnie pulled his 20 foot stock trailer out in the pasture and waited. He had a reputation in the tribe as a no-nonsense, supervisory sorta person. A typical disagreeable cattle buyer personality. He paced back and forth checkin' his watch and chewin' on his cigar. The boys were only ninety minutes late.

They unloaded their horses, dug a couple of ropes out from under the junk in the pickup and mounted. Ronnie gruffly pointed out the crossbred looking 16 steer.

Hunky lines the steer out, builds to him and misses. Jeff comes right behind him and he misses. Hunky sails to him, he misses. The steer hits the fence but he bounces back and runs down it.

Ronnie's watchin' this roping exhibition, gettin' angrier and angrier. Finally Hunky heads him, drags him to an oil field road in the pasture and Ronnie's pent up energy is mobilized! He drives to'em, jumps out, runs back, throws the trailer gate open, and steps back down the road a few feet so he can see in the trailer. He's chewin' and spittin' little-pieces of cigar, grunting instructions, pointin' here and there, his large belly and pocketful of checkbooks, pencils, note pads and cigars lending substance to his credibility, sweat beading on his brow.

Hunky rides up to the back of the rig pullin' the steer. Jeff has him heeled and they've stretched him out beside the trailer out of sight.

Hunky steps off, takes his dally down and climbs inside the trailer. He takes one wrap around and is fixin' to grab another for his half hitch when Ronnie nods to Jeff.

Jeff let the heels go.

Hunky felt the rope go tight so he beared down. The steer came swingin' around the trailer on a dead run. He sees Ronnie standin' in the middle of the road. He mows him down.

Checkbooks, cigars, calculator, valuable notes, hat and hot air went straight up! Ronnie flew backwards across the road and landed on his butt.

From his new vantage point Ronnie saw the steer disappear around the front of the pickup. He's loose cause Hunky's down on his knees laughin'. Jeff's across the road, on his knees, poundin' the ground and hee hawin'.

Ronnie's fuming. He starts stompin' across the pasture.

"Where ya goin"?" asked Jeff.

"I'm goin' to the house to get my gun!" rasped Ronnie, breathin' hard.

"Ah heck, Ronnie," says Jeff, "We'll get him. Don't shoot him."

"I'm not gonna shoot HIM ," croaked Ronnie, "I'm gonna shoot you two sons A#@!?&'s!"

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