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The Appaloosa Museum

Located just outside the small college town of Moscow, Idaho is the Appaloosa Museum & Heritage Center. Rich in history, the Appaloosa Museum is dedicated to the preservation, as well as the exhibition of the Appaloosa horse breed. It also details the events sponsored by the Appaloosa Horse Club since its creation in 1938. The world headquarters of the club is located adjacent to the Museum. The Museum was the first one sponsored by a horse breed organization when it first opened its doors in 1974.

The Museum holds exhibits that detail, in art, literature and artifacts, the role that the Appaloosa has played in history. The horse was used in the Nez Perce's attempts to elude the United States Calvary during the Nez Perce War of 1877. With the surrender of the Appaloosa, the horses were taken as war bounty by the soldiers as well as sold to area settlers.

The Museum is also home to the ApHC's Hall of Fame, which includes stallions such as Joker B, Mighty Bright and Goer. The Hall of Fame also honors people as well as horses that have had a positive influence on the Appaloosa breed.

The name "Appaloosa" is derived from when the white man first encountered the Palouse Indians and their beautiful spotted horses. These beautiful horses were referred to as the Palouse horse. Over time, the name became shortened to "Appaloosy", and finally the present-day "Appaloosa".

The Museum sponsors viewings of Appaloosas in the pasture behind the building during the summer months. This year, Cindi Herres of Pomeroy, Washington has loaned a yearling filly, Cats Top Priori-Te, and her dam, Dabba Te, to the Museum until the end of September.

The Appaloosa Museum is presently undergoing an expansion which will increase the Museum by 2000 sq.ft. In the new addition will be a new library, art gallery and gift shop. The First Annual "Appalousy" Ride, which will be held August 22-23, will benefit the expansion.

The Appaloosa Museum is located at 5070 Highway 8 West in Moscow, Idaho. Their telephone number is 208-882-5578 or alternatively visit the ApHC web site at www.appaloosa.com. Admission for the Museum is free for ApHC members and suggested donation for others are: $2 for adults, $4 for families (parents & children), children 16 & under are free.

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