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Baxter Black

The Team Roper's Credit Card

by Baxter Black, DVM

Carl told me the other day that one of his team ropin' buddies boasted he'd gotten a platinum credit card! I was taken aback. It was like being told that a serial killer had been granted knighthood, or the starling had been named the state bird of Idaho.

My first thought was, "My gosh, he robbed a bank!"

"No," said Carl, "And he was a real team roper, too. Not some land developer or football player who pulls a three horse slant trailer with a dressing room and has a sky box at the National Finals Rodeo every year."

"Well," I said, "We can eliminate getting a job, and he couldn't get a loan. Maybe he found a lotto ticket."

"No," said Carl.

"Let's see. He might'uv found a sack full of money in a 7-11 restroom. Or sold a good horse."

"Could have." nodded Carl.

"Sold a good horse, you mean'?" I asked.

"Oh, I thought you said stole a good horse. No, neither one."

"Maybe he endorsed something... like duct tape, or Butazolidin, or old innertubes. Or he could have patented a new way to hang the wiring so it looks like the trail actually has lights."

"No," said Carl, "But good things to consider."

"How about, he sold his used horseshoe collection? Or sparetires? Hey, I know! He could have donated blood or working body parts in a living will, or signed up to take experimental pharmaceuticals in some kind of test."

"All great guesses," said Carl, "But ... no."

"Ok. It's a sure bet he didn't get it feeding cattle, investing in the stock market or by scrimping and saving. "He could have ... no, it's not possible."

"What ?" asked Carl.

"It's a long shot but he could have won a roping."

"Ha, ha, ha, ho, ho, guffaw, snort, snicker, sigh...

"No," I said, "I guess not. Well if he didn't rob a bank. How did he get it?"

"Easy," said Carl, "He married a banker."

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