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National Reining Horse Association

Topsail Cody Exceeds NRHA's Million Dollar Mark

COSHOCTON, OH -- Topsail Cody (Joe Cody x Doc Bar Linda) just slid into the spotlight as the newest million dollar sire of the National Reining Horse Association! Only the fourth stallion ever to accomplish this milestone, Topsail Cody is now part of an elite group of NRHA stallions.

Topsail Cody, ridden by Bob Loomis, was the 1980 NRHA Open Futurity Champion. He was 1st in the first go round and tied for 1st in the second go round. The next year, Topsail Cody was the AQHA World Champion Junior Horse in reining. Topsail Cody has since gone on to produce some of the top competitors in NRHA events. Proving he is a sire of champions, Topsail Cody has sired foals that have earned high profile recognition at the NRHA Futurity and Championship Show, the NRHA Derby, as well as earned World Champion titles.

Currently standing at Boyle Performance Horses, Ione, California, the 21-year-old chestnut stallion has sired many top NRHA money earners. Never Dull Sailing, Topsail Whiz, Freckles Top Prize, Sail Win Sam and Cee Blair Sailor are just a few that have contributed to his new million dollar title.

Not only are Topsail Cody's colts big performers in the NRHA events, but he has also sired four AQHA World & Reserve World Champions.

The owner of Topsail Cody, Dick J. Randall of Cupertino, California, says Topsail Cody is among the finest stallion he has ever worked with.

"He's really good natured, easy to work with, and his colts are the same way. That's worth a lot," said Randall, "I keep three or four of his babies around all of the time."

The offspring of Topsail Cody currently have $1,015,903.17 in total earnings. This number reflects the Topsail Cody colts with NRHA competition licenses that currently have earnings.

He presently has 333 foals licensed with the NRHA and a total of 699 foals registered with the American Quarter Horse Association.

The National Reining Horse Association is the governing body of the sport of reining responsible for enforcing the standards of competition, promoting the sport, and educating its member and the general public about the proper performance of the reining horse in the show arena. NRHA sanctioned 265 events internationally in 1997 and distributed 2.3 million in competition purses.

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