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National Reining Horse Association

Mr. Feelin Good & Great Simon Sez to be inducted into the NRHA Hall of Fame

Only a chosen few with enter in... the special ones, the ones that made a difference... only these are inducted in the prestigious NRHA Hall of Fame.

This year two fine reining horses have been chosen to receive this honor. Mr. Feelin Good (External Too x Miss Looking Good) and Great Simon Sez (Great Pine x Nifty Della Bee) were selected by the NRHA Board of Directors for induction into the NRHA Hall of Fame. The two were selected based on the huge impact and special influence each had on reining horses and the National Reining Horse Association. Together they are credited for increasing the competitive life span of the reining horse and therefore making the reining horse a more valuable commodity that can win for many years.

Mr. Feelin Good, owned by Kathryn J. Conner of North Carolina, was a 1981 Futurity Finalist and currently has over $34,488 in lifetime NRHA earnings. In 1985, Mr. Feelin Good was the NRHA World Champion in the Ladies Division. The solid chestnut gelding has been shown for 17 consecutive years and has earned money 151 times. For years, he has appeared in the show arena, an old veteran still taking entry-level riders to win local and national awards and proving the usefulness of aged horses. He has been in the NRHA Top Ten List in 1986, 1988, in two classes in 1989 and in 1991.

Great Simon Sez, owned by Julianne Amabile of Grandview, Texas, was also accepted into the NRHA Hall of Fame. The talents of Great Simon Sez shined through as he carried 10 different riders to money-earning wins. Winning NRHA purses for 11 years, this reining horse placed in the NRHA Open and Non Pro Top Ten for five consecutive years, 1977-1982, and then again in 1985 and 1986. Great Simon Sez died in 1987 with lifetime earnings of $22,930.62.

These two special horses will be honored during the NRHA Banquet in June at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City. The NRHA Banquet is held in conjunction with the NRHA Derby.

The National Reining Horse Association is the governing body of the sport of reining responsible for enforcing the standards of competition, promoting the sport, and educating its member and the general public about the proper performance of the reining horse in the show arena. NRHA sanctioned 265 events internationally in 1997 and distributed 2.3 million in competition purses.

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