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Morgan Fair

Hosted by
Inland Empire Morgan Horse Club

April 18 and 19 were Morgan Days at Fairview Farm, with Saturday being devoted to the Western & Hunter Pleasure Clinic featuring Jennifer and Judy Chowning, nationally recognized trainers from Arlington, WA. Sunday was the day to show off what Morgans can do. Beginning at noon, farm visitors could watch Morgans as their versatility was demonstrated. Riders demonstrated Morgan Western Pleasure horses, Hunter Pleasure, English Pleasure, Driving - both carriage and pleasure styles and Dressage. Appropriate equipment and attire for all the divisions was also addressed by M.C. Karen Avichouser. The audience was captivated as they viewed trainer Scott Seeklander and the World Class reining mare, More Apples Please, demonstrate what it takes to make a winning reining pattern.

Throughout the afternoon the audience had the opportunity to view Morgans that were available for sale. Colts, fillies and trained Morgans were allowed their time in the arena. Tail flagging English and Halter prospects as well as quiet Western Pleasure and Hunter Pleasure mounts provided a wide variety. Several of the sale horses traded hands during the Morganfest, or soon after.

If you are interested in learning more about this versatile breed, don't hesitate to contact Jim LaShell, R-Quest Morgans 509/448-2302. Jim is the chairman for the Morgan Fair and he maintains the sales list for the Inland Empire Morgan Horse Club. Jim welcomes any questions you may have and is happy to introduce you to this special American breed, the Morgan horse.

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