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Appaloosa Filly Donated to Colorado Boys Ranch

Moscow, ID. An Appaloosa filly named PR FEATURETTE was recently presented to the Horsemanship Program at Colorado Boys Ranch in La Junta, Colorado. Raised on the Papillon Ranch in Longmont, Colorado, PR FEATURETTE was donated by long-time Appaloosa breeders Norb and Linda Hansen.

When contacted by the Apploosa Horse Club regarding a possible donation arrangement to Colorado Boys Ranch, the Hansen's jumped at the chance to show their support of the Horsemanship Program. "We are at a point in our lives where we want to get more involved with charity. Donating "Zip" (PR FEATURETTE) to the Colorado Boys Ranch seemed like a good opportunity to do something that fit with our lifestyle," said Mr. Hansen.

As a complement to the Hansen's donation, Marketing Director of the National Western complex, Marvin Witt, has waived the fees for the filly to compete in the 1999 Appaloosa Horse Show. Norb Hansen will also waive the fees for the Denver Super Circuit Appaloosa Horse Show held in the spring each year.

A nationally acclaimed residential treatment and educational facility for seriously troubled youth ages 12 to 18 from across the country, Colorado Boys Ranch has received national recognition for its Horsemanship Program. There, horsemanship, horse breeding and horse showing are combined with daily chores offering the boys a chance to face new challenges and learn about life. A journey in discovering patience, trust and unselfish caring, the Horsemanship Program is one of several animal-assisted therapy programs at the Ranch.

When asked about how PR FEATURETTE will be used at Colorado Boys Ranch, President Charles Thompson responded, "PR FEATURETTE will be used in some of the more individualized aspects of our program. She will help us grow and develop the unique and advanced portions of the program - beyond basic therapeutic or recreational riding. She has such a wonderful nature and is so beautiful, that she is well-suited for the developmental needs and skills of our kids."

Pictured in 20,000 year old cave drawings and bred by the Nez Perce Indians of the Northwest, Appaloosas are known for their agility, intelligence and colorful coat patterns. This versatile breed excels in a variety of events, and many owners like their even temperament and reliability as family mounts. The Appaloosa Horse Club, situated in Moscow, ID has been dedicated to preserving, improving, promoting and enhancing the Appaloosa breed since 1938. The Appaloosa Horse Club is proud to have played a part in the donation of PR FEATURETTE to Colorado Boys Ranch. For more information about the Appaloosa Horse Club or the services offered within, please contact us at 5070 Hwy 8 West, Moscow, ID, 83843 * 208/882-5578 * 208/882-8150 fax * or email aphc@appaloosa.com

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