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A Revolutionary Concept
In Feed Supplements

by: D. Hembree Mustang Feeds LLC

Over the past decade equine nutritionists have been paying more attention to the effects of feeding fat to horses. Studies show that a horses' metabolism can slowly be conditioned to substitute fatty acids for glucose as a fuel source for muscles. Okay, what does this do for the horse? Glucose ( usually obtained from carbohydrate rich cereal grains, like oats and corn) is still the primary source of energy for the horse, but during peak activity periods the muscle cells will also utilize the fatty acids as a fuel source. This will leave more glucose available for the nervous system, endocrine glands and the brain. These vital organs require glucose for fuel. The end result is, when needed, a performance horse will have a little something extra that will allow it to perform at peak levels for an extended period of time before becoming fatigued. Developing fat as a fuel source offers other dietary advantages. There is less internal heat generated when a horse digests fatty acids than when digesting the more traditional carbohydrate rich grains. When compared to energy produced from carbohydrate sources, fat adds energy without causing the hyperactivity or excessive nervous energy produced from high carbohydrate diets. Fat also provides a rich luster to an animal's haircoat and helps keep their skin supple. Fat works its way up through the sebaceous glands at the base of each hair to coat the shaft and give it a sheen. It also helps lubricate the shaft so it will slip easily out of its follicle, thus hastening spring shedding. Mustang Complete combines Rice Bran ( a natural source of fat ) with small amounts of glucose producing grains. Then essential vitamins and trace minerals are added to the formula to create a very balanced complete feed supplement. The high fat content of this product is combined with a regular rough forage product (alfalfa) to aide in digestion, thus providing the maximum benefits available from a feed supplement.

This product contains minimal amounts of glucose producing grains needed to provide sufficient cellular fuel to improve endurance at any performance level. The high fat content extends this period by providing a secondary source of energy. It can take 30-45 days to properly condition the microbial enzymes in a horses' muscle cells and stomach to properly utilize this product. However, within 30 days of this conditioning dramatic changes will occur in your horse both in its external appearance and in its endurance and stamina. Try this product daily for 90 days. We are sure you'll love the results.

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