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News Release: Millennium Gold

A new name for Pacific Spirit
vitamin & mineral supplement

April 1998, (Seattle WA) The product name for the equine vitamin and mineral supplement, Pacific Spirit, has been changed to Millennium Gold. Pacific Spirit will remain as the brand for Millennium Gold, allowing it to release a variety of horse related specialty products under this label, including a new Pacific Spirit horse treat named Berry Good. The Millennium Gold formulation will remain identical, to what was, the Pacific Spirit vitamin and mineral supplement formulation.

Pacific Spirit is a Seattle, WA based company, manufacturing its vitamin and mineral supplement in Portland, OR. They soon will be releasing a full line of specialty horse feed products available through Albers, Darigold and Land O'Lakes feed dealers

For additional information, contact, Dominique Jara 1-800-228-7190 or Anna Hardy 1-800-457-2804

Pacific Spirit's mailing address is 200 West Mercer, Suite 205, Seattle WA 98119.

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