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The Inland Northwest Dressage Association

The Inland Northwest Dressage Association was formed in 1989. Helen Avery and Jane Johnston were discussing the fact that the Spokane area at that time was a dressage wasteland and that something should be done about it. There was no dressage organization of any kind here or any show; Lewiston, Walla Walla, and the west side were the only places to go to show. We placed an ad in the local paper inviting anyone interested in forming a dressage club to come to a meeting at a certain time and place. Quite a few people showed up, and INDA was born.

We then tossed around the idea of having an A.H.S.A. (American Horse Show Association) U.S.D.F. (United States Dressage Federation) show. We had no money and several members were afraid of being left holding the bag if the show failed-they were certain it would. They left the club, and the rest of us pressed on. Charles de Kunffy was contacted to judge, and to our amazement, he said, "yes." Sunrise Arena at State Line was to be the location. The arena there had not been used for several years; the weeds were taller than we were, but owner Nick Chalich plowed them under. We were ready, or were we? There was only enough money to print and mail out the prize list; we prayed for enough entries to pay the judge and other expenses. Much to our amazement, we received so many entries that we had to hire a second judge. Someone dubbed our show "dressage in the dust," but after an incredible amount of work, our first show was a resounding success! We made a tidy profit and moved on to the next year.

The show was then moved to Busy Bee Arena where owner Larry Beiler bent over backwards for us, making improvements every year. The show was held there every year until 1997 when it was moved to Spokane Sport Horse Farm.

I.N.D.A. has hosted several successful clinicians including Jane Savoie, Charles deKunffy, and Dr. Rudolph Vlatten.

Some of the founding members were Terri Adams, Helen Avery, Alene Burgert, Jane Johnston, Gail Mackie, Linda Pruitt, Rita Rogers, Dede Allen, Julianne Bergstrom, Bobbi Cook, Heather Flamer, Sally Shepard, Marilyn Meyer, Carolyn Mortenson, Margaret Robinson, Kathi Eckerich, Libby Beck, Betty Hirst, Jean Ringle, and Mary Ann Zinter. The Club currently has 83 members.

Submitted by Helen Avery

Club officers for 1998 are:

Keith Quincy President
Leslie A. Neumann Vice President
Gale Wallace Secretary
Bridgitt Palmer Treasurer
Linda Pruitt Membership
Blanche Hill Chair, Public Relations Committee
Tel. 509-276-6978 email: argo@eznet.com
Dale Forbes Bormann Member, Public Relations Committee
Leslie A. Neumann Member, Public Relations Committee

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