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Inland Empire Arabian Horse Club

Dear Editor,

This letter is to enlighten you and your readers about how a small group of motivated people can do some very big things. The Inland Empire Arabian Horse Club consists of approximately 150 members and is located in Spokane, Washington.

For 30 years, we have held 2 Class A All Arabian Shows. About ten years ago, we decided to contribute to the Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children, Spokane Unit through the promotion of our beloved Arabian horse. Nearly every project we do with our breed is tied to the Shriners Hospital. To date, we have contributed $114,058.25. This amount has come through profits from our horse shows, stallion service auctions and other fundraising efforts.

While raising money for the hospital, we have exposed a large group of "non-horse people" to the Arabian horse. Many Shriners attend and help run our horse shows, they bring their families and tell their friends. So while contributing to a very worthwhile cause, we are also promoting our breed.

Another means of promotion is running a continuous classified ad in a free paper, The Exchange, that comes out every week. It has brought us several new members, Additionally, we obtain the free promotional brochures from IAHA, put our club sticker on them and place them in the local tack and feed stores.

This is as much as all of us can do to promote the Arabian Horse and help our community. It begins at the grass roots level and works its way up- so get involved in your local club and become a positive, contributing member of the Arabian horse community.


Georgia Irby
President, Inland Empire Arabian Horse Club
443 Forest Grove Lane
Newport, Washington 99156
509-292-2151 * Fax 509-292-2621

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