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Horsebackers Against Cancer: Update

Relayed to Horse Previews Magazine
from Chilicote & Phil Thrasher

Departed out of Spokane 8:30am, Wednesday, March 18; arrived in El Centro, CA 2pm Tuesday, March 24. Had layovers in John Day, OR; Lakeview, OR; Susanville, CA; Bishop, CA; Victorville, CA (2 nights) and El Centro, CA. Animals, vehicles and men arrived in great shape. Presently staying as guests of El Centro Equestrian Center as last minute preparations are being made. Enjoying the 80+ degree days!

Visited various Chambers of Commerces and other organizations along the route securing layovers and lending `ideas' for various functions being held in honor of the cause. Reception in the rural areas has been great! Larger populated areas a bit slow in response.

Received $2,000 in donations to date! Spring ride for Cancer Research begins Friday, March 27, 1998 at the Mexican Border! Have group of riders accompanying us first two days!

Chilicote & Phil

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