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Youth of the Month: Shari VanDyke


Shari VanDyke is 14 years old and is a home schooled 9th grader. She started western riding five years ago. In 1996 she joined the Cheney Pony Club; since that time she has ridden dressage, combined training and three-day eventing. She is now a C-1 in the Pony Club.

The photo shows Shari with her horse, "Rosie," her Appaloosa/Thoroughbred Cross gelding whose show name is "Diamond in the Rough." Shari and Rosie are now training and showing First Level Dressage.

Shari's first dressage instructor was Sigrid Shearn. She is currently taking lessons from Heather O'Keefe at Spokane Sport Horse Farm through the Pony Club. She has also taken jumping lessons from Betty Tukey and Cindy Burge.

In addition to riding and training with Rosie, Shari is working with two young horses previously ridden western. Both are being ridden at Training Level.

Shari stated that she enjoys being able to ride and train with the excellent instructors at the many quality facilities in the Spokane area. She also believes that the horse shows and programs provided by the many breed groups, 4-H, Pony Club, and organizations like INDA, make this a wonderful place to ride and enjoy horses.

Shari is a member of USDF/INDA. She recently contributed many hours of her time, talent, energy, and beautiful smile to helping make the 4-H Tack Swap a reality.

Her family and her friends in INDA support her and wish her continued success in reaching her personal goals in the dressage arena and in all her endeavors!

Congratulations to Shari VanDyke - Horse Previews Youth of the Month

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