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International Arabian Horse Association

If you own, ride or simply admire the Arabian, Half-Arabian or Anglo-Arabian horse, join thousands of others who share your passion through the International Arabian Horse Association (IAHA). Founded in 1950, IAHA serves as the focal point for Arabian horse activity throughout North America.

The Horse For You!
A favorite of equine enthusiasts for its versatility, the Arabian horse is also renowned for its beauty and stamina. Its dependable nature makes it a suitable horse for children, families and riders with disabilities. The Arabian excels in all types of athletic events including showing, racing, hunter/jumper and dressage, as well as ranch and cattle work. The Arabian is recognized as the premier long distance horse and holds world records in 100 mile endurance races around the globe.

The Arabian's superior traits have made it a wonderful horse for crossing with other breeds. IAHA registers two separate breeds that are offshoots of the purebred Arabian horse. The Anglo-Arabian is a mix of Arabian and Thoroughbred blood. The Half-Arabian is a cross between one purebred Arabian and another breed or grade (unregistered) horse.

Make the most of your Arabian horse experience by joining IAHA. As a member, you'll receive Inside International magazine, the official source for Arabian horse information; discounts on everyday products; and a chance to participate in a variety of programs that help you enjoy your horse. There's also an array of informational and educational literature and videos available to members. You may join IAHA either directly or through one of its 278 affiliate clubs across North America. The association can put you in touch with an Arabian horse club that's close to you. Clubs are great for providing a network of professional and social contacts.

Most members enjoy the simple pleasures of spending time with their horses and trail riding with friends. Seventy percent of IAHA members compete as adult amateurs because of the excitement of showing their own horses and the family involvement surrounding horse shows.

You can contact the IAHA by mail at P.O. Box 33696, Denver, CO 80233-0696.
Or by telephone 303/450-4774.
Courtesy The International Arabian Horse Association

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