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Horsebackers Against Cancer

[Cowboys Against Cancer]

75 year old Phil Thrasher. An "Ole" Cowboy ready to ride for Cancer Research

The "Main Event" in Phil Thrasher's battle for cancer research is scheduled to begin March 18, 1998 when the troupe leaves Spokane for Mexico. Their itinerary covers 1600 plus miles all the way North from the Mexican border to Canada. Phil and his team have examined the various research centers located in California, Oregon and Washington and their defined goal is to get the most out of "donated dollars" by giving directly to the research centers along the way.

Phil, his sidekick Chilicote, and volunteer rider Ron Knudsen are finalizing the plan to ride horseback across country which Phil has dreamed about since 1985. Darrel Howard will continue his dedicated sponsorship by driving the rig. The troupe still needs a backup driver. (Call 509-448-0996 - all expenses paid.)

All those who can donate or sponsor any part of this unique effort for the cause against cancer are encouraged to do so. Join into the ride and spread the word to any of your riding friends who can join up along the route.

The troupe will be in the Cheney area June 11 and will layover in Spokane June 12-13. Make plans to connect with u them on the ride from Cheney to Spokane and to the Canadian border.

The Exchange Nickel Want-Ads and Horse Previews Magazine plan to track the progress of Horsebackers Against Cancer along the route by spreading the word in print and on the World Wide Web as periodic updates are received from Phil.

Good Luck!

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