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Detailing Your Trailer

By Corinne Kirshner

This time of year, people are always asking us what is the best way to clean their trailer. Prevention is the answer, and following are some helpful tips from our specialists. To start, a small shed or lean-to will help to shelter your trailer from the weather, but is not a must. Washing your trailer often, is.

After you wash your trailer, now is a great time to use a soft cloth, (we prefer an old cloth diaper) and some polishing compound to buff away any rust "streaks" that you find. The black streaks you have come from the aluminum trim and can be easily removed at this time with your cloth and some Black Streak Remover (available from Kirshner's) by spraying on & then rubbing gently. The Black Streak Remover works very effectively & will not harm your paint.

At least three to four times a year, all hinges should be lubricated. This will keep them moving freely year after year and also will help in the prevention of rust. With the heavier hinges, I recommend using a grease gun with a heavy duty grease. Your smaller hinges & piano hinges should be lubed with a 4 Way Lubricant, opened & closed a few times & then re-lubricated again.

At least once a year, your trailer should be waxed with a heavy paste wax following the manufacturer's instructions. Also at least once a year, your floor mats should be pulled out and your walls and floor should be hosed out until they do not foam any more (from the urine). Let them dry out for a few days & then treat your floor boards with a high quality outdoor decking preservative. Two to three coats are great. Again, make sure you follow the manufacturer's directions. Following these easy steps will keep your trailer looking like new & will aid in your trailer maintaining its best possible value.

Kirshner Trailers is located in Woodinville, WA, & has heard many times over as to "Have the Best Service Department in all of Washington State," To complement their trailer sales facility. 425-485-1177,

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