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New Product Spot Light: The Bale Buddy

[The Bale Buddy]

Dawn Holland, Director of Marketing and Customer Service for RandaLyn Enterprises (creator of The Bale Buddy(TM)) got a hold of Helen Boyd, our editor, about this new stable/barn utility product. Helen asked them to ship one out from Oregon to me for evaluation. They did so right away.

The Bale Buddy(TM) was mostly pre-assembled for me so all I had to do was snap in a few pins and the final two lynch pins for the wheels and it was ready to go. They must have known I'm assembly challenged by instructions. From the set of instructions in the box and the rudimentary, sturdy design of the product (stout enough to carry a quarter ton of hay), it was fairly easy to figure out how they put the tine apparatus and the bell crank together with the kick pedal (left or right optional). The handle telescopes, so that is handy. It disassembles in a couple of minutes, so efficient storage or transport are no problem. And, for added safety, the adjustable tines fold into the frame.

Whatever your position in the yearly ritual from hay in the field to hay in your horse's mouth, ultimately you have to move heavy bales horizontally from point A to point B. The longer the distance, the more you need help. If you are like me, carts and wheel barrows are killing you. They are not primarily designed to carry bales. They're too high off the ground; they're the wrong size; they tip over; their wheels get stuck. You can't fit the bales on right; you can't turn them around in tight places. They are hidden tension containers which often cause eruptions of extremely foul language. I tried the Bale Buddy(TM) out and it works at about half the effort with twice the speed.

The suggested list price of The Bale Buddy(TM) is $399. It is available out of Oregon or at your nearest dealer. Contact: Dawn Holland, Bale Buddy(TM), RandalLyn Enterprises, Inc. P.O. Box 376, Carlton, Oregon 97111. 1-888-254-8101.

So, if you buy four tons of hay around Spokane this year at the typical price you can have eighty 100 pound bales (or 16 loads at 5 bales per load) for the cost of The Bale Buddy(TM). You buy a Buddy for your back the first year, and the product (unlike your back) has a five year limited warranty on the frame, platform and handle, and a one year limited warranty on the tines, wheels and attachments/options. With a Buddy like this, the bales don't get heavier every year.

Bob Howdy, PhD

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