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The BioScan (TM) System

The BioScan System offers the latest technological advances for assisting in the identification of problems in the equine through the use of the BioFind(TM). The therapeutic components, the BioPack(TM), BioLight(TM) and Light Accessories(TM) also use the newest technology.

The BioFind is an instrument that pinpoints stressed muscles, ligaments and tendons, acupuncture points that are out of balance and stretched or pinched nerves due to problems in the skeletal structure. Often the problems the BioFind detects have been chronic, the causes of which may have been difficult to diagnose.

The BioFind was developed after many years of study of the "bio-electric" emissions which occur naturally in all human and animal species.

The BioFind uses relative conductance to detect the very small current potentials that occur in the tissues of any living person or animal. Discontinuity in the level of these electric potentials is detected and translated into audible signals and digital readouts which indicate the area and extent of aberrant energy as caused by neurological irritation.

The BioFind is differentiated from other units in its sensitivity to changes in electric potential and its ability to quantify those changes in ways that allow the user to prioritize the relative importance of each problem area.

The BioFind is used by running the compact, comb-like sensor over parts of the body in a systematic way to determine, by audio and read-out signals, the precise areas along the back, neck, legs, hips and torso where there is a change in or from normal electrical activity. It is important to remember that these areas may not only represent points of discomfort for the animal, but may cause "compensating behavior" not immediately recognizable as being related to the problem area detected by the BioFind.

For horses whose physical demands are great, prevention is the essential focus. The BioFind allows early detection before a problem results in lameness, impairment, a change in attitude or unwillingness to perform. This capacity for early detection and treatment makes the BioFind an invaluable tool.

The Biofind's light weight, small size and rechargeable batteries make it easy to use anywhere. A selector provides a choice of six sensitivity settings for accuracy in readings.

The second component consists of the therapeutic instruments which employ light energy to enhance healing. The BioPack, BioLight and Light Accessories are non-invasive, drug free, pain-free therapeutic tools which use infrared light at 940 and 880 nanometers and visible red light at 660 nanometers to provide bio-stimulation of problem areas pinpointed by the BioFind. The therapeutic light is generated by a light emitting diode (LED) an outgrowth of the laser industry. The LED was chosen for its effective, gentle but powerful delivery of the specific healing wavelengths of light. The peak power is lowered and the duty cycle is lengthened to deliver more joules of energy to a given area over a specific period of time.

These instruments are based upon years of published studies which show that certain light energies have a positive effect on living tissue. Some of the effects include:

1. Enhancement of tissue vascular activity, increase in circulation and reduction of swelling

2. Stimulation of the production of collagen, the most important wound healing component

3. Stimulation of endorphins and enkephalins from the brain as well as chemicals from other areas of the body like the adrenals which facilitate long term pain relief

4. Reduction of excitability of nervous tissue

5. Increase in RNA/DNA synthesis

6. Stimulation of cellular replication

7. Release of adenosine triphosphate, ATP, an immediate energy source for muscle contraction and essential in the metabolism of all organisms

8. Stimulation of fibroblastic activity

9. Acceleration of the immune response

10. Acceleration of wound healing and reduction in scar tissue

11. Relaxation of muscles

12. Stimulation of acupuncture points

The BioLight powers two single LED diodes (infrared, visible red or a combination.) Seven different frequency settings are available for different types of problems. The average treatment times on each area is three to five minutes.

The BioPack with its thirty diode mixed visible and infrared cluster and its fifteen diode infrared hoof pad was developed for broader application. It also comes with two individual LEDs. It speeds up the treatment times of large, irritated muscle groups as well as chronic areas of irritation. It also provides the convenience of seven frequencies.

The Light Accessories are made of neoprene with diodes strategically placed over commonly irritated areas in various joints and tendon areas. The Light Cap(TM) has proven to be an important addition to the BioScan System. It covers critical structures in the head and in the upper cervical spine which can affect the entire body. It can also be opened up to be placed on the withers, back and sacral area. The Light Cap, Jr(TM) with 12 diodes lies under the halter and focuses on problems in the poll area. It can also be used along the back or taped to muscle groups on the sides of the body. The 18 diodes in the The Hock Saver(TM) cover such critical areas as curbs, bog and bone spavins, thoroughpins, medial and lateral collateral ligament attachments as well as acupuncture points. The 18 diode The Ankle Saver(TM) covers the sesamoids, the lower part of the suspensory ligament and the deep and superficial flexor tendons. It circles the joint as well. The Light Patch(TM), with 24 diodes, concentrates the light energy in a 3"x5" area. It is easy to use anywhere. The last edition from repeated requests from our customers is our The Tendon/Shin Saver(TM) Thirty-eight diodes are concentrated in an area approximately three inches by eight inches. They are for hands free application, and like The Hock Saver and The Ankle Saver, The Tendon/Shin Saver attaches to the animal safely with elastic and velcro.

For more information on the BioScan(TM) system, please contact BioScan Inc., 1-800-388-2712, fax 505-898-9604.

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