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Training Aid:
Vicebreaker, IncTM

This product was tested and approved by veterinarians and trainers, specifically for horses. A leather collar with a small, antennaless electronic receiver is placed around the horse's neck in the throatlatch area. The collar is hand-made of high quality leather and is designed using double-sided rivets for safety. These rivets should break loose if your horse were to get the collar caught. The owner or trainer carries a small remote control transmitter (the size of a small pager) that can activate the receiver up to 1/4 mile away. The signal is capable of penetrating most walls and windows, so the operator can remain out of sight of the animal and still activate the collar.

The frequency of the transmitter signals are different so that if several horses in the same area are wearing collars, they can be activated individually. The horse immediately receives an electronic stimulation which can be set at seven different intensities from within the transmitter, depending on the horse's sensitivity and temperament. All of these levels are safe for your animal. Level one is designed for ultra-sensitive horses and may be difficult for many people to feel. The next three levels can be held against your own skin with little or no discomfort. This system enables the horse owner to continue other activities and still be able to discipline his or her horse, Immediately and Effectively.

Results prove that the device is very effective in stopping unwanted behavior. These behaviors range from dangerous vices such as aggressiveness or cribbing/windsucking to nuisance vices such as stopping the hot walker or banging on the stall door. The results are remarkable in that the horse is trained not to perform a specific behavior rather than physically inhibited from performing it. It has been proven effective on chronic cribbers where many other types of collars or muzzles have failed. It also prevents the ugly marks left by many conventional cribbing straps or muzzles.

The safe low levels do not make a nervous or sensitive horse more so. Many owners actually report a calming effect as the horse gives up a neurotic behavior such as weaving. Many vices require only one or two applications to completely control and the horse does not have to wear the collar from that point on. This is a benefit to multiple horse owners as the collar can be used on individual animals and then interchanged as needed for new training or an occasional reminder.

  • Weaving
  • Stopping the hot walker
  • Leaning over fences
  • Aggression toward people, dogs
  • Stall Kicking
  • Stall Digging
  • Fence Pacing
  • Mane and tail eating
  • Pasture aggression
  • Eating dirt or bedding
  • Pawing
  • Kicking
  • Door banging
  • Excessive grooming
  • Tail or body rubbing
  • Unruly breeding stallions
  • Teeth grinding
  • Tongue hanging
  • Blanket rubbing or chewing
  • Biting


  • Special rivets for breakaway collar design
  • Receiver completely waterproof and safe in all weather conditions
  • Receivers are digitally coded to resist outside interference that might activate them
  • Automatic shut-off on transmitter and receiver to prevent overstimulation
  • Large, reinforced dull probes for durability and to prevent skin irritation
  • No antenna on the receiver for the horse to break or get caught.


  • Low battery indicator warns you that batteries need to be recharged before they are completely discharged.
  • Slide switch on transmitter allows you to immediately boost the stimulation level by two levels if you are not getting the desired results.
  • Small pager size transmitter with 1 1/2" antenna nub
  • Neck lanyard to carry transmitter, leaving hands free for other activities
  • Full one year warranty on all parts and labor
  • 30 day money back guarantee ensures complete customer satisfaction.

For more information on product please contact:

Vicebreaker Inc.
P.O. Box 298
Whitewater, CO 81527


e-mail: vicebreak@aol.com

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