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Riverside State Park New Trail Map

Ken Carmichael
The Riverside State Park Foundation is proud to announce the publication of our new Riverside State Park Trail Map. The demand for an accurate and comprehensive map has been enormous in recent years. The 18×24 inch map of the entire park features more detailed information about 4 popular areas on the back. These areas include: Equestrian Area, Bowl and Pitcher, Seven Mile and Pine Bluff. Parks is in the process of installing new signposts with trail numbers to match the map.

The map has taken more than a year to accurately plot with the combined efforts of park staff, Foundation members and professional map cartographer. The Foundation will sell the map through the Riverside State Park and cooperating retailers. Initial retailers include REI, Will Rogers Saddle Company, North Division Bicycle and The Bike Hub. Additional retailers will be identified on the Foundation website and Facebook as they come on board. If you are interested in being a retail outlet for the map please contact Lou Haymond at
We want to thank the many people that have contributed to this effort. A special thanks to the sponsors on the map, the retailers and recreational groups that are distributing the maps and of course all the people that purchase the maps.

The Foundation’s net proceeds directly benefit Riverside State Park, a natural treasure just outside of Spokane’s city limits. As one of Washington’s largest state parks, the park offers many recreational opportunities that are highlighted on the map. The map should enhance users’ ability to navigate and engage in the many natural and recreational opportunities the park has to offer.

The Riverside State Park Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization with the sole purpose of supporting Riverside State Park since 2002. We help to fund the needs of the park. Many people are looking for a great outdoor experience that is close to home. We help Riverside State Park provide this opportunity to everyone. We know that when people have a great experience outdoors they are happier and healthier.
Come join us in Riverside State Park.

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