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Riverside State Park

By Ken Carmichael

I am on a state parks committee assigned the responsibility to identify and map official trails in Riverside State Park. This project has gotten off to a slow start and has hit some bumps in the road. However, based on a meeting last night I can now see a better direction and progress.

We met to discuss a more efficient way of obtaining a final product that will serve the public sooner. Basically we are identifying the current official trails, designing and placing trail markers and producing a map, both hard copy and electronic. Now that all sounds pretty simple but it is still a very large project. We also talked about an education program, adopt a trail program and the ability to put trail descriptions on the website version of the map.

Ponderosa Back Country Horsemen has committed to installing the trail markers in the equestrian area. We do not know yet when this will happen.

The Riverside State Park Foundation will contract with and pay for the design and production of the map. Major funding for this is from REI and we thank them for their support.

A second phase of the project will be to identify well used social trails that should be included in the official trails. This will be done using maps and user input. We look forward to that portion of the project.

Riverside State Park with its 82.5 miles of official trails, 7 trailheads and the equestrian area and campground provide great riding opportunities. We appreciate the opportunity to provide input for this meaningful project.

BCH and State Parks encourages everyone to follow Leave No Trace principles and trail etiquette. This reduces park maintenance, protects the park and provides for a safer experience for everyone. If you want to know more about Riverside State Park or any of these subjects please contact Ponderosa BCH.

State Parks encourages equestrian organizations to use the equestrian facilities for events. SCOPE recently held their DE spooking Event and Ponderosa BCH will hold the annual Scaventer Hunt on September 28th. More information about the Scavenger Hunt can be found at

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