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By Michelle K. Binder-Zolezzi, Relational Riding Academy

Western Dressage is rolling here in Washington State. Year end awards at the state level will be awarded for NAWD Level 1 Foundation, Level 2 Partnership, Level 3 Communication, Level 4 Influence, Level 5 Finesse and Level 6 Harmony. Western Dressage classes using North American Western Dressage tests are being offered in Northeast Zone at Post Falls Equestrian Center May 10-12, and September 13-15. Wenatchee has Western Dressage classes for Zone and State points June 1-2 as well. If your barn schooling show has added Western Dressage classes, please let everyone know so we know where to go to show! Thanks to open minded forward thinking members in the Northeast Zone, this zone has offered Zone awards for Levels 1 through 4. To qualify for awards at State and Zone, follow all rules regarding membership, sign-up, and recording. Riders will send copies of the front of 3 score sheets from minimum of 2 judges to Western Dressage Chair Michelle Binder-Zolezzi before October 1, 2013. No self-reporting, no awards so stay on top of your game! Send score sheets to Michelle at 1713 E. Providence Ave., Spokane WA 99207. Tests are available at

INDA has also added NAWD Western Dressage classes to their class lists June 29 at Prairie Sky and possibly the September 29 show at Spokane Sport Horse Farm. Wildwind Farm has them running at their schooling show in Republic June 22. That makes at least six shows where Western Dressage classes can be ridden. Riding tests at all these shows counts toward year end awards through NAWD via “NAWD Trax” the only national Western Dressage award system. Plans for an all-Western Dressage show in the fall are being discussed and there is talk of offering tests from the three top organizations NAWD, WDAA and Cowboy Dressage there. Stay posted about what is happening by picking up the Exchange and Horse Previews magazines as well as “The Canter”, WSH’s quarterly publication, or by hitting “LIKE” at Relational Riding Academy on Facebook.

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