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Let’s Keep This Going!

by R. A. Miller Farms

We here at “Regal Arabians” are the smallest of small breeding farms. We are a family of musicians, missionaries, artists, carpenters and barn builders. During these many years we have had the good fortune to breed and own some inspiring horses. We started in the early 1980s breeding to and owning daughters of fine stallions like, Eagle, Fire Beau, Baskfibia, Moment, Traditio, SX Saladin and Al-marah Radames. We now own a Bachelor Bey, a Baywatch V and a Magnum Psyche daughter. This year we are going to have one foal! Sired by our beautiful stallion Dana Valenti (Scottsdale Jr. Champ Yearling Halter) out of a wonderful Negatraz daughter! We are truly blessed.

We decided to try an annual Open House to showcase our horses and artwork, and sure enough it worked. We sold some breedings and some paintings, expanded our network and met a great photographer. But what I really meant when I said “it worked” is that we made friends, moved the breed forward and really connected with the Arabian horse community, breeders we had never met but whose horses were familiar. We saw the looks on the children’s faces as they fell in love with the Arabian horse for the first time, the same as each of us when this all began. It also encouraged us to clean the place up a bit!

Our friends Steve and Pam Anderson, now passionate horse people, team up with us to pull off this Open House every year. Steve directs The Lord’s Ranch, a local drug and alcohol rehabilitation ministry, which started riding and working with a few of our horses as part of their program. He recently started a small breeding operation called Arabian Zeal and owns the Baywatch V son Barbaru Kah and some very nice mares! We are modest breeders with a passion for the beauty and movement of the Arabian horse. We hope to help inspire a community of people with a similar passion, to reach out, host fun events, support local horse shows, bring in new faces and secure the future of the breed, or any other breed.

I remember seeing Multi National Champion S Justadream and the amazing Polish stallion Ecaho at an open house in Scottsdale Az, in 2004. It was a thrill to see such beautiful displays of God’s creation, the kind of beauty that brings us together, it can inspire us to change and to see things differently. Whether you are a gay hair stylist, an Islamic sheik, an English rockstar, a right-wing Republican or a flag flying Democrat, all of our differences sail out the window when the majestic stallion or exotic filly come out of their stall. It is a catalyst for community that is rare enough, in this day and age, to deserve our support and enthusiasm—So let’s keep this going!

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