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Equine Colostrum Bank

Members of the horse industry in our region are encouraged to collect colostrum and store it properly for emergency use during foaling season. This process will normally result in plastic containers of a pint or more deposited in separate freezers located at various individual ranches, horse farms, boarding stables, equestrian facilities, veterinary clinics, etc. around our Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho region. All the combined, frozen colostrum constitutes a distributed repository - a Bank.

Horse Previews Magazine supports the Bank and the sharing of colostrum. As a service to the industry, our magazine plans to offer information about the Bank in the way of accountability, promotion, communication, and administration for all the separate depositors. If you store a pint or more of colostrum, by that fact, you are an automatic depositor, and are encouraged to sign on to our information Bank. Please accept the responsibility for keeping your information (colostrum account) current, that is, inform the Bank of deposits and withdrawals. Neither the depositors nor the magazine can guarantee the quality of the colostrum or assume liability for it, however, we can try our best to provide the most reliable information on this life saving substance.

Depositors may register on to our internet site: http://www.horse-previews.com/colostrumbank. Your account must include your name, telephone number, zip code and the number of pints in your freezer available for sharing. Our toll free telephone number 1-800-326-2223 is available for remote depositors; locals please call 509-922-3456 to register your information. For more instruction about this service please contact us by e-mail: horsepreviews@exchangepublishing.com or write: Horse Previews Magazine, PO Box 427, Spokane, WA 99210-0427 or visit us at N. 20 Pines Road, Spokane Valley or W. 413 4th Ave., Downtown Spokane. To facilitate transactions and withdrawals we will disseminate account information electronically and in print.

The initial offering of this program is with best intention. It is offered as a courtesy, without charge, to the horse industry of our region. We expect the depositors and recipients of banked colostrum to contact their veterinarian about the proper application of this life saving "foremilk." The incentive to deposit comes from the widespread sorrow and disappointment among horse owners who have suffered because their foal(s) have needed colostrum at a critical time and couldn't get it. As a supplementary incentive our magazine will provide $10 worth of advertising (in Horse Previews Magazine or The Exchange Nickel Want Ads) for every registered pint deposited into the bank and will donate $10 cash to Equine Operational Support, Washington State University School of Veterinary Medicine for every pint withdrawn from the Bank and administered to a foal in a life saving application.

Please contact us if you have productive comments on this Equine Colostrum Bank program.

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