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Front Page January 1998: Spokane Gold

[--S P O K A N E   G O L D--]

AQHA / PHBA true Golden Palomino stallion with bloodlines to Quincy Dan, Skipper W, Tee Jay Badger Mac and Jackie Bee. Earner of AQHA and/ or PHBA points in Halter, Color, Pleasure, Reining and sire of Dun In Spokane, 1994 Palomino gelding, earner of over 250 points in Halter and Performance, including in the top 5 in Open and Amateur Halter at the World Show in 1996. If you are looking for that exceptional "pretty" stallion with conformation, ability, a desire to work and a truly kind heart who is producing the same - take time to consider Spokane Gold.

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