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World Renowned Farrier Burney Chapman Dies

World-renowned farrier Burney Chapman of Lubbock, Texas died on Thursday, November 11 following a long battle with brain cancer. Chapman was 57.

Burney Chapman is best known as the farrier who reintroduced the heart bar shoe for therapeutic use on foundered or laminitic horses. For more than 30 years, his practice was limited to the shoeing of foundered horses. His realm of influence spread from the ranches of his home state of Texas to royal stables of the Middle East. He often flew himself from foundered horse to foundered horse in his twin-engine plane.

The high point of Burney's career was a laminitis presentation with Dr George Platt at the American Association of Equine Practitioners Convention in Dallas in 1984. This led to many close associations between Burney and countless veterinarians and researchers around the world.

As much as Burney Chapman is identified with rehabilitating lame horses, he is equally well-known for his ability to empower and inspire people, especially farriers. Working side-by-side with the matter-of-fact Texan, local farriers learned from him to take special pride in their work and in their profession.

A graduate of Texas Tech University, Chapman was certified by the American Farrier's Association, an organization he supported for many years. He was elected in the first round of balloting for the Kentucky Derby Museum's "Horseshoer's Hall of Fame" in 1993 and was featured in the Museum's "They Shoe Horses, Don't They?" exhibit that year. Chapman dedicated his professional life to educating both farriers and horse owners, and was a popular lecturer at events including the Quarter Horse Congress. His client list was a veritable "Who's Who" of worldwide horse breeders and competitors, though he enjoyed working with pet horses as much as champions. Horses in Japan, Qater, Ireland, England, and many other countries benefited from his personal attention to laminitis shoeing.

In addition to helping foundered horses with the heart-bar shoe, Burney Chapman pioneered new techniques in glueing horseshoes to hooves, as a consultant to Glu-Strider/Mustad International, Chapman was an early advocate of nutritional supplementation for hoof growth, leading to a consulting position with Life Data Labs, makers of Farriers Formula. Tirelessly searching for new products to help lame horses, he also worked with Thoro'Bred Racing Plate Company on new materials and shoes.

Before his death, Chapman's research focused on the causes and treatment of white line disease in horses. A prouder Texan than Burney Chapman would be hard to imagine. Born in Fort Worth, he worked during college for the famous 6666 Ranch in Guthrie, Texas and held traditional ranching and Texas culture close to his heart. Burney Chapman's tall thin frame, lantern jaw and trademark hat crease were an unforgettable landmark of the global horse world. Whether remembered as he lectured on shoeing to a large audience or helping an owner through a long night with a foundered horse, all who met him will agree that a man of his generosity in sharing knowledge and friendship is irreplaceable.

Donations in Burney Chapman's memory may be made to the American Farrier's Association , 4059 Iron Works Pike, Suite 2, Lexington KY 40511.

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