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Western Quarter Pony Registry

The Western Quarter Pony Registry was established to serve Quarter Ponies and their owners in the Western United States, but ponies from anywhere are welcome for registration.

The purpose of this organization is to bring notice to the often over-looked smaller Quarter Horses and Quarter Horse types. To establish membership clubs and to be recognized by various state Horsemen's assocations so that we may have Quarter Pony classes available in shows and fairs in the Western States.

Horses from other registries are welcome. As public awareness rises, so will popularity and value. After all, these horses had a very important role in the Old West. Just look at the history books or ask a cowboy about the great little cow ponies from days gone past and you will discover they all agreed: The smaller the horse, the bigger the heart!

Let's work together to keep thse great little horses from being overlooked.

Very special things come in small packages! If you are looking for a horse for the kids to grow up on - consider a Quarter Pony. They present all of the attributes of the larger Quarter Horse, wrapped up in a smaller package. They are perfect for kids and smaller adults. Some Quarter Ponies are registered Quarter Horses and some are only part. Their sizes range from 46 inches (11.2 hands) up to, but not including 58 inches (14.2 hands).

Quarter Ponies are a reflection of the past. Many of the 1800s cowpony's were quite small, but extremely strong and hardy. Many purebred Quarter Horse families are smaller sized, just as some are quite large, 16 hands and over.

For more information on the Western Quarter Pony Registry contact Pat Byrd, 509/422-6388. 51A Green Lake Road, Okanogan, Washington 98840-8211.

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