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INDA Year-End Wrap-Up of 1998

1998 was a busy year for the Inland Northwest Dressage Association. The highlight was a successful USDF (U. S. Dressage Federation) AHSA (American Horse Show Association) recognized 2-day show at the end of June. Competitors came from throughout Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Montana. Two successful schooling shows were held; one at Sally Shepard's Northwest Trails barn in Deer Park and the other at Rivermere Stables in Spokane. Schooling shows are a relatively inexpensive way to enjoy the sport and art of dressage; they are intended to be a fun, positive learning experience for riders and their horses. Show clothes are not required, usually just suitable riding attire, a safety helmet, and riding boots. Western saddles may be used in some of the lower level classes. Interested? Watch for the 1999 INDA events calendar in coming issues.

Congratulations to the INDA members for their achievements in dressage during 1998. Among them are:

Jackie Anderson & Killiarc who won the USDF Bronze Medal for 2 scores above 60 at 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels, the USDF 2nd Level Junior/Young Rider 6th in the nation, 2nd Level Junior/Young Rider Regional Champion, and USDF 2nd Level Junior/Young Rider Reserve Champion.

Adrianne Briggeman and Duzz It Well Dat's It who received USDF 5th place at Training Level and USDF 2nd place at Training Level for Junior/ Young Riders. Both awards were based on a median score of 63.40 in All breeds sponsored by the American Morgan Horse Association. Adrianne is a student of Dale Bormann.

Alene Burgert & Major Miracle who won ABIG (American Bankers Insurance Group)/USDF Region 6 Championship Second Level - Adult Amateur & the Northwest Dressage Championship Third Level - Adult Amateur at the Region 6 Championships September 4-6 in Auburn, WA.

Marian Crumb (Hayden, ID) & San Sebaysun who received the USDF Master's Challenge Award, USDF 4th place, 1st Level Award sponsored by the Appaloosa Horse Club, USDF 1st place, 1st Level Vintage Cup sponsored by the Appaloosa Horse Club.

Dr. Judy Personnett (Spokane) and Bourbon's Polka Dot Jazzy who received the USDF 1st Place in Training Level All Breeds Award Saddlebred Division. Judy is a student of Leslie Neumann.

Katey Randall & Zenturio who won the USDF Silver Medal, (2 scores 60 and above in 4th Level and Prix St. Georges), and Advanced Junior/Young Rider Team alternate.

Jennifer Smith who won the USDF Silver Medal (2 scores 60 and above in 4th Level and Prix St. Georges) Jackie Anderson and Katey Randall are Jennifer's students.

Watch for details about the fabulous July 10-11, 1999 USDF/AHSA show that will be held at Spokane Falls Equestrian Centre - 2 "S" judges, 2 rings, cash awards, and lots more!

For membership information call Linda Pruitt at 509-244-4739. For other information call the Publicity Committee: Dale Bormann at 509-835-3800, Leslie Neumann at 509-536-1969, or Blanche Hill at 509-276-6978.

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