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Dixons Oreosupreme

A Quest for the Best...
Dixons Oreosupreme - 1995 Black Overo

In the Paint Horse World, alot of folks like to talk about modern bloodlines and how far the industry has come. This is all well and good, but in reality, the breed continues to be built on horses that were and are so exceptional that they're irreplacable.

Robert and Mary Hayden built a select band of broodmares. Own daughters of Legendary Greats: Impressive, Barlink Macho Man, Jetalito, Blue Max, Snipper Reed & Far Ute El Rey.

All the while, they searched the country for a World-Class Ranch Sire. A stallion with bloodlines that consistently stood the test of time. And one more thing...let him be Black & White!

"I've always had an affinity for Black and White Paints." says Bob, "But I refuse to sacrifice quality for color. Our goal is to breed horses than can halter in the morning and perform in the afternoon. Color being the ultimate bonus."

The extensive three year search ended in Kansas City, Missouri. The Stallion: DIXONS OREOSUPREME. His pedigree: Impeccable. An Own Son of Mardelle Dixon. APHA Lifetime Leading Sire of Champions. (Ratchett being the most highly recognized.)

"It was love at first sight," Mary remembers. "Not only is he beautiful, `Oreo' has the mind and attitude of pure Gold. He has always been a complete joy. It's easy to forget that he is a stallion!"

In a world where "hurry-up and wait" seems to be the order of the day, sometimes it's hard to remember that good things take time. The Haydens agree: "Oreo" was definitely worth waiting for.

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