PROFILE Richard Shrake
"The Master Of Horsemanship"

  • CREATOR of the Resistance Free&tm; Training & Riding Methods

  • JUDGE of all major breed World & National Horse Shows

  • INSTRUCTOR of over 1000 clinics

  • DEMONSTRATOR at over 80 Horse Expos & Fairs

  • AUTHOR of two best selling equine books

  • LECTURER at over 60 Universities & Colleges

  • PRODUCER of over 17 equine educational videos

  • DESIGNER of saddles & bits for major equine companies

  • WRITER of Bridle Wise column for over 150 monthly horse publications

  • ORIGINATOR of the Accredited Resistance Free&tm; Instructor Program

    For information on the Richard Shrake products & upcoming programs: A Winning Way, Ltd., P.O. Box 4490, Sunriver, OR 97707. Call 1-800-635-8861.

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    SCHEDULE 2002


    January 12-13 Georgia Horse Fair. Perry, GA

    February 13-17 Dixie Nationals. Jackson, MS

    February 22-24 Equifest. Wichita, KS

    March 08-10 Pennsylvania Horse Expo

    Fort Washington, PA

    April 06-07 Idaho Horse Expo. Boise, ID

    April 19-21 Midwest Horse Fair. Madison, WI

    April 26-27 Minnesota Horse Expo

    Minneapolis, MN


    Riders & Spectators

    February 02 Lansing, MI

    February 09-10 Enumclaw, WA

    March 15-17 Poplarville, MS

    March 23-24 Yakima, WA

    April 13-14 Clinton, TN


    Level 1, 2, 3 Graduate Programs

    March 19-22 Gainesville, GA

    April 09-12 Nashville, TN

    May 07-10 Lansing, MI

    May 21-24 Springfield, MO

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  • Richard Shrake's Bridle Wise
    Evaluate Your Horse's IQ

    In my career as a judge and clinician, I have had more opportunity to see some of the most athletic horses in the world. I have been curious about the ingredients of greatness and always very interested in how the owners of great horses have been able to develop the eye to select these super horses. I found out early in life that developing a good eye could make the difference between a horse's long or very short career.

    Being at the right place at the right time has helped a lot. So has having access to the great horsemen to evaluate and measure. Eventually I came up with a system of my own that gave me some very reliable indications of a horse's potential success. This method being a scale of one to ten.

    I was judging the American Quarter Horse World Championships with Tom Finley, the breeder of Doc Bar. Doc Bar was the legendary quarter horse who became a great sire of cutting horses. The horses he sired were brilliant, intense and intelligent. Tom told me that when Doc Bar was just a few days old, he would watch every movement. Tom felt that curiosity was a sign of high intelligence. The more curious, the higher the IQ. The following tests are designed to tell you if your horse may have a high IQ and will be easy to train.

    TEST 1: Pick up a clump of dirt and stand at the prospect's side. Throw it up in the air and watch his response. If your horse immediately looks and is curious, I give him a "10". If he is mildly interested, give him a "5" and if he doesn't pay any attention at all, give him a "0".

    TEST 2: To test your horse for tolerance, firmly push on the bridge of your horse's nose. If he gives at the pole, then give him a "10". If your horse pushes your hand away and then gives, then give him a "5". If he doesn't give at all, then give him a "0".

    Test 3: Pull softly on your horse's halter to the left. If he gives easily to soft pressure and keeps his head level, his score is "10". If he raises his head while giving, give him a "5". Then repeat this exercise on the right side.

    TEST 4: Rub your thumb in a firm swipe on each side of your horse's barrel. Start at your horse's elbow and go along his belly. Each time your horse "pops" his tail and resists, take away a point for each resistance.

    If you are interested in this type of horse behavior, please watch for my videos that are coming out soon, They are titled "How to Evaluate Your Horse's IQ" and "Measuring Your Horse's Athletic Ability."

    May you always ride a good horse.

    - Richard Shrake


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