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History Making Quarter Horse Stallion 'CD OLena' Once Again Tops Wishing Star Gallop's Sale with Service Selling for $4,450

The NCHA's "Horse Of The Year" - Quarter Horse stallion "CD OLENA," brought the house to its feet when in a matter of minutes his service sold for $4,450 to Shirley & Henry Radezky of Colville, Washington. Offered for the second time in our sale, this NCHA number #1 Leading Cutting Horse of the Quarter Horse Registry is owned by Bobby Pidgeon of Bar H Ranche in Weatherford, Texas. "CD Olena" is a NCHA "Futurity & Derby Champion," retiring at the age of four with NCHA earnings of $170,000. His first foal crop hit the ground in 1996. Wishing Star knew it had been blessed and given the gift of hope from owner Bobby Pidgeon when he (along with the help of Winston Hansma) agreed to offer a breeding to this very popular and sought after stallion.

Standing at $4,200.00, he's been completely booked for three years, breeding over 100 mares per season. He was a favorite believed to top the sale that evening. "CD Olena" made History - a second year in a row - as no other Quarter Horse Stallion has ever topped the sale at $4,450. Congratulations & God Bless Bobby Pidgeon and Winston Hansma in their compassion to make dreams come true! In addition, Wishing Star would like to thank Ray Wegner Transportation Line for offering to transport the mare round trip to Texas for a $100 bill!!

Our "second highest selling service" was two-time AQHA World Champion "PEPPY BADGER CHEX." He is a World Champion Junior Reining Horse and Senior Working Cow Horse. As a young sire, his book has been closed by early spring for the past four years. It is very evident that "Peppy" has made quite a mark for himself in the performance horse industry, as he currently ranks among the NRHA's "Leading Money Earning Sires." He has produced an AQHA Reserve World Champion, and Futurity Champions that are currently being shown throughout the world at NRHA, AQHA, NCHA, and NRCHA events. "Peppy Badger Chex" is owned by W-W Quarter Horses, Jim & Sondra Wright and Pam Whittaker. People doing homework on this stallion predicted he'd top the auction in high selling services. His track record with Wishing Star is well noted. Since his introduction into the Wishing Star Gallop line-up in 1993, his service has always been one of the top three high selling services of the Quarter Horse breed. Standing the 1998 breeding season for $3,000., his service sold for $2,500. to Larry & Patricia Beeler of Veradale, Washington. Over the past six years, this incredible stallion has brought in over $12,000. for Wishing Star children! Wishing Star has been blessed by W-W Quarter Horses saying "yes" in giving back the blessings that they have been given in "Peppy Badger Chex," and "Lena's Wright On."

Wishing Star Gallop's third highest selling service (of all breed's) was no surprise to many. It was two-time AQHA World Champion "OBVIOUS CONCLUSION." "Obvious" has been on the leading sires list since 1985 and as of June 1998 his offspring have 12,785 points, 19 World Championships, 23 Reserve World Championships, 51 Superiors, and 232 Register of Merits. "Obvious Conclusion" is the 2nd leading "maternal" and "paternal" grandsire. His daughters are producers of many World Champions and his sons and grandsons are leading sires in the Industry. He is a living legend and his family line will impact the Quarter Horse industry for many years to come. Being a leading Quarter Horse sire, many knew he would be one of the top four highest selling of the auction. His service sold for $2,370. to Larry & Lori Wilkerson of Kennewick, Washington. Wishing Star cannot thank owners "Jerry & Brenda Peterman" enough for stepping up to the plate with such a high caliber stallion, knowing they could make a difference in the life of a child. Making dreams come true!! God bless you for your kind heart and support!

Our fourth highest selling service was two-time AQHA World Champion stallion, "BLAZING HOT." One of the Quarter Horse breeds most sought after stallions - "Blazing Hot" is owned by Robbie & Joan Schroeder of Gainesville, Texas. Never in the history of the AQHA World Show has any horse won both World Champion Jr. Western Riding and Jr. Western Pleasure in the same year. Blazing Hot booked to over 200 mares in 1997 & 1998, and one of only two breeding donations went to Wishing Star for the 1999 breeding season. This breeding also held the incentive as one of the very few transportable "Blazing Hot" breedings. Due to the above mentioned, many felt his stallion service would be high in demand and up there topping the sale. Standing for $2,500 Blazing Hot's service sold for $2,300 to Susan Stevenson and Dale Borders of Chattaroy, Washington. Wishing Star in indebted to Robbi & Joan Schroeder for giving their gift of love and support.

Congratulations to these stallions topping the sale (of all breeds participating), and all the other stallions who raised lots of money for our children!

Wishing Star Would Also Like To Give Acknowledgment To The Stallions Who Brought In Their Stud Fee's or More

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