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Youth of the Month: Stephanie Tucker

Stephanie Tucker is excited about her upcoming trip to Louisville, Kentucky to compete in the National Equine Presentations. This 15 year old has been doing lots of public speaking in 4-H for seven years now and says it's more fun than scary. She taught a class at Super Saturday last January using material from her winning presentation, "Preparing for a Show."

Stephanie is 15 years old and is in her 2nd quarter at SCC through the Running Start Program. She plans on transferring to a four year college after she earns her A.A. Degree. She is also a dedicated musician, playing piano and drums with her church youth band.

Stephanie's 4-H career began with a pony and has now grown to three Appaloosa horses. She went to the State 4-H competition with her 19 year old gelding, Tibbs, and placed 3rd out of nearly 250 competitors in the Trail class this September. She also competed in RHANW reining classes and loved it. She has trained her two year old gelding as a trail horse and hopes to start using him in reining next year. She'll also start training her yearling next spring. Stephanie has been president and is currently secretary of her 4-H club, Spanish Spurs. She also raises hogs for the Interstate Fair, because it's good to have one project that makes a profit and she really does enjoy the pigs.

4-H has been a great experience for Stephanie and she is looking forward to meeting 4-Hers from around the country when she's in Louisville.

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