Another Successful Year!
Wishing Star Gallop 2001

Opening Ceremony at the 2001 Wishing Star Gallop

The trade-show was a shopper's delight! Over thirty booths displayed tack, silver, feed products, horse crafts, custom show ring clothes, State Breed Associations, jewelry, chaps, buckles, beautiful prints and original art paintings, metal sculptures, tail wraps, sleezes, Nikken magnetic products, horse health supplies, custom leather work and saddles, horse T-shirts, sweatshirts, figurines, limited edition prints, LMF Feeds, livestock panels, western stores, custom hand crafted lamp bases, discounted horse trailers, Horse Previews Magazine, galvanized fence products, stall flooring, training and boarding facilities, Gallop stallion owners, Super Sweats, and Professional Choice products. The trade show also included one of Gallop's biggest sponsors and Spokane's best-known Country Western Station - Cat Country 94FM.

They broadcasted live at the event, and their DJ Jim Diamond joined Gallop Coordinator, Barbar Turner and former L.A. Raider, Curt Marsh on stage.

The indoor arena at the Spokane County Fair & Expo Centers was once again transformed into a breathtaking sight! Arrangements decorated by sponsors Ray, Judy, and Anna Apfelbaum of Wildflowers Florist simulated a fireworks display bursting from above the drape line, with starbursts dropping from the stage to the floor in luxuriant fresh red, pink, white, and yellow carnations and other fresh floral flowers. Floral bouquets lined the backdrops above and below the staging area. Green turf and a tastefully curtained backdrop were outlined with floral arrangements. Eight-point glittery gold stars on center stage with five-point colored glittery stars on the outer curtains elegantly decorated the staging area.

Sparkling foot lights brought the stage alive as they danced around in time to the music, highlighting the tuxedos and glittering gowns worn by the commentators. Icicle lights twinkled high above the curtain lines. In the center of the staging area, chandeliers hung atop the arena with a five-point star winking brightly above the audience. Two ten foot screens to each side of the stage gave the event a professional touch, giving the audience the opportunity to see all the live action without missing a thing. Three thirty foot towers held the spot lights that showcased each stallion that entered through the drawn sheer drapes.

Arvid Lunden╠s quartet group kicked off the opening of Gallop 2001. Back once again in the Auction was the Cat Country 94 FM donated Fender ¤StarË Guitar. What an opportunity for a collector╠s item! The guitar had been autographed by many of the best Country artists, such as, Alan Jackson, Lila McCann, Chad Brock, Billy Ray Cyrus, Sons Of The Desert, Eric Heatherly, and Kevin Sharpe. In addition to the guitar, the winning bidder received an autographed denim tour jacket from Alan Jackson. As the gavel went down, the Guitar sold for $550 to Phil & Puffet Cook of Nine Mile Falls, Washington.

Owners Nancy & Dana Jewel of Horse & Habit Veradale Washington donated a ¤Saddle PackageË for the second time this year. The package included a beautiful light oil finish 16" Pleasure/Reiner Saddle by ¤Big Horn SaddleryË, of Chattanooga, TN. Along with its quarter horse bars, padded rough out seat, the stirrups were trimmed with a rawhide accent, basket stamped leather, and Montana Silver conchos. The package also included a matching light oil, futurity style headstall, Mayatex saddle blanket and saddle stand. Activity ran high with interest as the bidding ended at $850. Pat Moreland of Sandpoint, Idaho purchased it. Wishing Star would like to extend their sincere Thanks to Cat Country 94FM and Horse & Habit for helping to make dreams come true!

The 2001 line-up of stallions offered in the sale this year was very impressive! Stallion services were offered from around the United States. Many were World, National, Congress, Regional, and International Champions. What a delight to see the finest stallions standing in the World! Stalls were decorated like stallion row at the World Shows. The Stallion Preview Parade was exciting, as always.

The live music, spotlights and sparkles, videos on the big screens and the wonderful guests provided a scintillating event, but it was seeing the finest stallions offering services in today's market that made the show!

Several stallion services sold for over their normal standing fees. Many sold for their normal standing fees. Naturally the prospect of helping the children were the incentive for many of the bidders.

Opening Ceremony at the 2001 Wishing Star Gallop

People could watch on two large screens the stallions not present through the video Stallion Preview parade, which played from 1pm to 2pm. Then 2pm to 4pm, the stallions present at the event were previewed.

Back by popular demand, 'Elvis' Live Productions kicked off the Opening Ceremony. Once again, his band and back up singers graced the stage with him. What a great performer he is! Elvis Wendlandt is a magnificent, talented impersonator that has a voice identical to Elvis. He gained the admiration of all Gallop spectators. His performance was highlighted with dramatic special effects on stage, dry ice, colored strobe lights dancing around, and mirror reflections brought excitement to his performance. On stage his band and back up singers electrified his performance. Wish children appeared on stage at the end of his performance as he sung a medley of songs to them to finish his final╗. What drama and entertainment they all brought to the stage! Elvis provided quality family entertainment that pleased the young and the young-at-heart. Another good choice Wishing Star!

This years production numbers brought back the beautifully talented, Julie Powell. A professional singer and actress, Julie Powell appeared on stage singing the very powerful song - I╠ll Be. The music began as the sheer white drapes lit up. We saw the silhouette of a horse and child. The child was mounted and wearing a cowgirl outfit. Slowly the drapes opened, and in came a black stallion Desert Dark Fire owned by Suzy Braaten of Spokane, Washington. On this fine stallion was seven year old Courtney Anderson, Wishing Star's Ambassador Of Good Will for the 2001 Gallop. She was dressed in black boots, a red skirt and vest with white ruffled trim, a white blouse, and black felt hat. She was a beautiful cowgirl! Three attending 'pages' walked along side her; all were dressed in period coats and top hats. When she reached Julie, she was escorted from the horse to the stage. Courtney took hold of Julie's hand, and what unfolded was breathtaking to watch as Julie sang, ¤I Hope You DanceË to Courtney. When the song ended a special presentation was given for long time friend and supporter Desert Dark Fire, Suzy Braaten, and the Desert Dark Fire Group. Sadly, this was Desert Dark Fire╠s last appearance at Wishing Star Gallop. For years he has donated services and brought Wish children into the arena high upon his back creating lasting memories for them and their families. He was the only stallion in the history of the Gallop event that had sponsors who contributed hundreds of additional dollars in support of his involvement with Wishing Star. In addition, he was one of very few stallions to bring in his normal standing fee amount every year he participated. Wishing Star is indebted to this great team for all their efforts, the rides, stallion services, sponsorships, costumes made for many of our wish children to appear on stage as Ambassadors, tiara╠s for the girls, gentle ways, and sincere love for Wishing Star and it╠s mission. They will always be Wishing Star ¤familyË. We know that their void will be very hard to fill. We are grateful to them for being part of the Gallop and we will sadly miss them. After this presentation, Gallop Ambassador, Courtney Anderson was mounted back on Desert Dark Fire and gracefully exited the staging area grinning from one ear to the other, waving to all the audience as she rode by.

This last spring, Courtney and her family boarded a plane heading for the magical kingdom, Disney-world, Florida.

Suddenly, as several Wishing Star children appeared on stage, Julie sat down on a chair at center stage, and the children circled around her as she began to sing, 'One Voice.' A dozen Wishing Star children listened to her sing and then joined her in chorus. As they began to sing, more children came onto the stage and joined in. The words to the song were perfect and touched the hearts of all who were there. Upon completion of this song, Julie spoke on the importance of Wishing Star's mission for its children and the appreciated support of all who had come. From those words she began to sing, 'Arms Around The World.' The stage was filled with the area talent of Julie Powell, Barbara Turner, Wish families, Gallop committee people, and the Janet Gorman's Children╠s Choir. This performance was one of the many highlights that signify the quality of the Gallop, and its prestige in the Northwest!

A Huge draw to the Wishing Star Gallop event is performer Darik Anderson. Unfortunately, a week before they were to appear at the Gallop, ¤Bey ShahboomË took ill. At the last minute, by the grace of God, a wonderful man named Dale Offerman, Gallop was back on track with new Entertainment! You could feel the anticipation from the audience as his appearance drew near. Many had not seen Dale Offerman before, while others missed seeing him and his rare Nokota stallion from the previous year he appeared. His performance opened with him mounted upon his Nokota stallion, ¤ChiefË. Smoke from behind the sheer closed drapes crept out from underneath, music began as a dim light brightened, creating a beautiful silhouette of a horse with his handler. The horse raring upwards was standing on his two back feet. Lights from behind the drapes were blinking on the silhouette of Dale and Chief. Slowly the curtains opened. Through billowing clouds of fog, this captivating grey stallion entered. It was a breathtaking entrance! They captivated a standing room only house. The appearance and intelligence of this magnificent rare breed stallion impressed thousands of people attending this year's event with his graceful free style liberty performance. ¤ChiefË was the first Nokota stallion to come into the Western United States, in addition to standing for public breeding. Nokota horses are bred directly from the war and buffalo horses confiscated from ¤Chief Sitting BullË in the late 1800╠s. They are excellent barrel and pole racing horses. These Indian horses are better balanced on their hindquarters than most breeds, which gives them an uncanny jumping ability. They have unexpected strength and endurance for their size making ideal mountain and trail horses. They exhibit the smooth ¤Indian shuffleË, a gait desired by many. The Nokota is the last remaining strain of the ¤Northern Prairie HorseË, and the last known strain of the Native American war and buffalo horses. To watch Dale performing with his stallion was a credit to the talents of this gifted man. Chief and Dale were a sight to be seen as they performed in an arena. It was a spectacular performance executed with obvious devotion by both horse and trainer.

This year╠s blanket had to be one of the most exceptional yet: a child riding on a carousel horse, reaching up to grab a shooting star. The bottom back corner of the blanket had Wishing Star╠s dove logo holding a star in its mouth. Within the star it read, ¤Limited Edition, 2001, and numberË. Below all the art work in red and white read, ¤Wishing Star GallopË. Every detail, to assure the blanket╠s value as a collector limited edition blanket were done by Big ¤DË.

That evening over the course of the auction, the first blanket sold for $750, purchased by Dave Boles of Mead, Washington. Blanket number two was sold to Susan Stevenson of Chattaroy, Washington for $525. Another surprise came to Wishing Star this year when Tod Locke, designer of all the Big ¤D╠ Gallop blankets, donated back to Wishing Star his blanket bought in 1992. It sold for $550. to Harold and Debbie Kruger of Rathdrum, Idaho. These three collector blankets brought in a total of $1,825 for Wishing Star children! Wishing Star is indebted to this remarkably dedicated man, Mr. Glenn Drake, owner of Big ¤DË Blankets. Many people request donations from Big ¤DË Blankets, and we feel very honored and privileged that Mr. Drake╠s compassion for our cause has given us this continued support.

In addition to the auction of the ¤Fender Star GuitarË donated by Cat Country 94 FM, and Horse & Habit╠s saddle package, this year's event also offered additional non-stallion service auctioned items. For many years now, as a tribute to their compassion for Wishing Star's children, Southwest Airlines has donated two round trip tickets anywhere in the U.S. These tickets sold for $950 to Shannon O╠Dell of Otis Orchards, Washington. Joyce Wing of Wing's Fencing and Fabrication once again donated a freestanding heavy-duty fourteen-gauge galvanized 12 x 12 paneled corral with a super bull gate. This year, she added an 8x12 roof frame that clamps to the existing panels for added shade! It sold for $575 to Wayne Brokaw of Cheney, Washington. Wishing Star would like to thank Southwest Airlines, Glen Drake, Joyce Wing, Tod & Nora Locke, Horse & Habit, and Cat Country 94 FM. Your efforts and support will bring a smile to a little child's face.

The evening ended in great success. Coordinator, Barbara Turner, tells us that the success of this event would not have been possible if not for the sponsors. ¤Our sponsors are where it begins,Ë Barbara tells us, ¤but not where it ends. Gallop╠s success comes from the support, contributions, and donations of stallion owners, trade show participators, volunteers, businesses, and spectators. I am also proud of the horse industry. Regardless of breeds, we have all come together to work for a great cause and successful event. Everyone plays an important roll in this success story.Ë

Wishing Star's Gallop Coordinator, Barb Turner, reminds us that as you read this article ¤wishesË have been completed and are currently being granted to several children. ¤We granted 47 wishes in the 2000/2001 fiscal year, said Barb Turner. The average cost of a wish is up to $3,800. Some of the 47 wishes granted were a vehicle, computer, trip to Lego land, Gym set and fence, funds for college, big swing set, trip to Califoria, exercise spa, Barney party, computer-editing set-up, shopping spree, trip on the Big Red Boat, wheelchair ramp, Laptop computer, bedroom remodeled, meeting Elmo, recording studio built onto a wish child╠s home with all the recording equipment, or our most popular request - Disneyland or Disney World. All who supported the Gallop should be very proud of your efforts. You have helped to make 'special' children's dreams a reality. I thank you all!Ë

For more information on stallion services, booths, volunteering help or being a sponsor - Contact Gallop Coordinator, Barbara Turner - 509-466-8719 / 509-744-3411 or drop a line to Wishing Star Foundation, Attn.: Barbara Turner, W. 915 2nd Ave, Suite #3 - Spokane, WA 99201.

Playgirls Conclusion Tops Wishing Star Gallop╠s Sale
Second Consecutive Year with Service Selling for $3,300

Wishing Star╠s highest selling service was two-time Reserve AQHA World Champion stallion, Playgirls Conclusion. One of the Quarter Horse breeds most sought after stallions - Playgirls Conclusion is owned by Lowell & Tyler Stewart of Lawrence, Kansas. He is a noble creature, a legend, a leading living show horse and sire of the AQHA registry. With over 499 registered foals, Playgirls Conclusion has been on the Leading Sires list a number of times, including ¤All DivisionsË Leading Sires list in 1997. His siring list includes 8 World Champions and 8 Reserve World Champions. These qualities had many feeling that his stallion service would be in high demand, and close to the top of the sale. Playgirls Conclusion╠s service sold for $3,300 to Larry and Lori Wilkerson of Kennewick, Washington. Wishing Star is indebted to Lowell & Tyler Stewart for giving their gift of love and support to Wishing Star.

Our second highest selling service was two-time World Champion, Lean With Me. This stallion is noted as one of the most natural and truly blessed Reining Horses within the Quarter Horse breed. His titles include AQHA World Champion in Junior Working Cow Horse, and AQHA World Champion Senior Reining Horse. He is superior in Reining and won the prestigious NRHA Derby, winning $20,000. He is sired by Smart Little Lena, out of one of the best mares in the U.S., Chexy Lady. She has produced nine AQHA World & Reserve World Champions. His service sold for $2,500 to Candace Monnin of Riverside, Washington. Wishing Star cannot thank owners Jon & Norma Sather enough for always being there for us with such a high caliber stallion. Knowing they can make a difference in the life of a child, they have made many dreams come true!! ¤God bless you for your kind heart in giving and support in caring!!Ë

The third highest selling service was, Great Red Pine, one of the premier Proven Reining sires standing in the Northwest. He was ranked #19 for All time NRHA leading sires, as well as being ranked #7 for leading NRHA sires for 2000. Great Red Pine had three get, and himself, ranked in the NRHA top 100 All Time Leading Horses list in 2000. He along with his seven foal crops has accumulated earnings in excess of $400,000. Great Red Pine started his career with a co-championship at the OVRHA Futurity. He went on to win the first go of the Congress Futurity, tied third in the finals, and then finished fourth in the NRHA/OKC Futurity. The next year, Great Red Pine placed fifth at the St. Paul Derby, won the Limited Open Carolina Classic, then moved on to the Superstakes for the Limited Open Championship and the Open Reserve Championship. He finished the year with a Reserve Championship at the Congress in Junior Reining. Wishing Star is 1 of only 2 breedings donated per year to Great Red Pine. His service sold for $2,100 to Pat Moreland of Sandpoint, Idaho. For several years now, owner Glenn Hogan, and the late Terry Thom have donated a services to Wishing Star always saying, ¤Yes, add him to your stallion service line-up. We want to continue to help make children╠s wishes come true!Ë God bless them both!

Wishing Star╠s fourth highest selling service was, Potential Investment. He is a Congress Champion and Reserve World Champion Western Pleasure stallion. In addition to multiple circuit championships in Western Pleasure, including the Florida Gold Coast and Pre Denver circuit, Potential Investment╠s major wins include, Champion at the Dixie Nationals; Reserve Championship at the 1994 Congress 2-year-old Futurity, third place at the 1995 AQHA World Show in Jr. Western Pleasure the 1996 All American Quarter Horse Congress Western Pleasure Maturity Championships, followed up with the 1996 Reserve World Championship in Jr. Western Pleasure. His service sold for $2,000 to Llewellyn Davis of Crossville, TN. Thank you Steve Heckaman and Partners for always supporting us when asked for this magnificent stallion, and making dreams come true for our Wishing Star children.

Congratulations to these stallions topping the sale (of all breeds participating), and all the other stallions that raised lots of money for our Children!

Wishing Star would also like to Acknowledge Stallions That Earned Their Stud Fees or more

Stallions Standing Fee Service Sold
Quarter Horse Stallion - Potential Investment $2,000 $2,000
Quarter Horse Stallion - Infinitive $750 $800
Quarter Horse Stallion - Shadows MVP $600 $625
Paint Horse Stallion - Classy Will $600 $600
High Selling Breed Services Were:
Quarter Horse Stallion Playgirls Conclusion $3,300
Arabian Stallion Padrons Mahogany $1,700
Paint Horse Stallion (tie) Fleet Machine $800
Kootenai Wildfire $800
Hanoverian Stallion Winnetou $800
Appaloosa Stallion Wap Spotted $550

Congratulations! Wishing Star thanks all the owners of Gallop's fine stallions for their support and dedication to the foundation, and to all the breeders who came to bid on these fine stallions.


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