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The Exciting Purchase of a Miniature Horse!

Before you do anything at all, do your research! Call or write the AMHA, amha@flash.net and obtain all the information you can including breeders lists and general information (this is all free!) You can even subscribe to the Miniature Horse World, the official publication of the American Miniature Horse Association. This is a high quality color magazine, called the Miniature Horse World (please see Miniature Horse World Magazine subscriptions) with informative articles on all aspects of owning a Miniature Horse. In 1994, the Association published The Horse For Everyone, an informative, 25 page color brochure with photographs all about American Miniature Horses. The AMHA will send, free of charge, a copy of this brochure to anyone who calls or writes. To get your copy, please call or write to AMHA at the address below. Please give the AMHA your physical address so they can mail the booklet to you!

Next, visit farms, talk to owners and breeders, write and call breeders near and far. Breeders will send photos and papers on the horses they have for sale (perhaps they will send videos, too.)

Please refer to the Official Web Site of the AMHA. We try to to be the complete information source on all aspects of owning, showing, breeding, training and buying your Miniature Horse. We have many, many pages devoted to horse health and to a wide variety of areas of interest and fun for Miniature Horse Owners and Soon-To-Be-Owners! Please check the many pages on our site!

Contact your nearest local AMHA approved Miniature Horse Club, and join! Visiting with club members is a great way both to learn about Miniature Horses and to make life long friends!

Go to nearby Miniature Horse shows. Talk to the exhibitors and observe the horses. This will be a great source of information, and lots of fun besides! You will get a good idea of the kinds of classes you can participate in when you get your own Miniatures! These classes range from halter to performance classes, from jumping to driving classes, from costume to Youth classes, and many more!)

Before you purchase a Miniature horse, you will want to observe many things about the individual animal. First, read the Breed Standard of Perfection.

Look for a horse who is balanced and correct. If you are unsure what those terms mean, seek help from a person with equine knowledge.

Check carefully for signs of general good health and vitality; a shiny coat, bright eyes and alert attitude are some of the things you will want to see. How does the horse act toward people?

Be sure to measure the horse, keeping in mind that the American Miniature Horse Association will allow a horse to show only if it meets the following height guidelines: A weanling cannot exceed 30 inches; Yearling cannot exceed 32 inches; Two-year-old cannot exceed 33 inches; and any AMHA registered horse cannot exceed 34 inches in height.

A Miniature horse (with both parents AMHA-registered and meeting all other requirements) may be registered on a temporary basis with the AMHA immediately after birth until the age of five years. Miniatures are not eligible to receive permanent papers until they are five years of age and do not exceed 34 inches in height when measured according to Association procedure. You might wish to have a veterinarian conduct a pre-purchase examination to1 determine overall good health and soundness.

Finally, make sure the paperwork is in in order. You should receive a signed Transfer Form and or Bill of Sale provided by the Registry and the original Registration Certificate. Check to make sure you are purchasing the animal from the last recorded owner on the Registration Certificate. Both Seller and Buyer must fill out a height measurement form (this is located on the back of the Transfer Form.) Any questions regarding the paperwork should be addressed to the AMHA.

Our AMHA Web Site has a classified ad section at Miniatures For Sale Our AMHA Sponsor Miniature Horse Farms have a fine choice of AMHA Horses for sale as do many of the other farms on our Other Miniature Horse Links as well! Please check our whole AMHA Web Site For more information!

Taken from The Official Web Site Of the The American Miniature Horse Association, Inc. 5601 South Interstate 35 W, Alvarado, Texas, USA 76009. 817-783-5600. http://www.amha.com

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