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New Annual Event at the 51st National Appaloosa Horse Show

Moscow, Id - The Appaloosa Horse Club offered a Challenged Riders Leadline class for the physically and/or mentally challenged for the first time ever at the 51st National Appaloosa Horse Show June 29 - July 11, 1998. The National Show was held at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


The Appaloosa Horse Club Board of Directors endorses the development of this class, and because of its success it will now be a yearly event at the National Appaloosa Horse Show. This year's awards were sponsored by Emerald Ridge Equestrian Center, of Plymouth, Wisconsin. What makes this class unique is that it is open to all ages and the horse ridden does not necessarily have to be an Appaloosa--all breeds are welcome. "The Appaloosa Horse Club feels that offering this class is a worthwhile endeavor, so we are trying to promote it at the Regional Club level as well," said Keri Minden-LeForce, Appaloosa Horse Club Show Manager.

The Appaloosa Horse Club, situated in Moscow, Idaho, has been dedicated to preserving, improving, promoting, and enhancing the Appaloosa breed since 1938. For more information on the Challenged Riders Leadline class, please contact the Appaloosa Horse Club Show Department at, (208) 882-5578, ext. 400.

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