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Rocky Run Ranch Pays Tribute to Little King's Dancer

Rocky Run Ranch pays tribute to


30.5" Bay * A.M.H.A. Stallion"f"

On the Cover Our Tribute to:

30.5" Bay

We at ROCKY RUN RANCH are now into our third decade of breeding and promoting Miniature Horses. We have watched the evolution of this special breed, and have seen many horses, bloodlines and fads come and go. But we have also seen a few great horses and their blood withstand the test of time and be always in vogue.

As a Champion son of the consistent producer of Champions, Komokos Little King Supreme, our stallion Little King's Dancer is of one of those bloodlines.

For years we have watched "DANCE" stamp his foals with his beauty, intelligence and bold but gentle spirit, too often with mares that didn't showcase his potential. Now as a tribute to this fine stallion we have "cleaned house," sold everything but two 5th generation Rocky Run mares, and are gathering for him a small broodmare band of one of the finest bloodlines in Minidom. BOONS LITTLE BUCKEROO.

This special blend of foals will start arriving in the Spring.

Larry & Alice Cramer * 5581-B McKenzie-Woolard Road, Deer Park, WA 99006

509-276-4999 * e-mail: RockyrunAC@aol.com

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