Historic Silver Valley Commemorative Drive

Spring Hill's Fjord geldings, "Brynsen" and "Cappellen" driven by Dennis Johnson with Ron Dayton riding `shotgun'!

The weather cooled to the mid 80's on August 18th, just in time for the Parade in Wallace and the twelve mile drive to Kellogg, ID. Spring Hill's Fjord geldings, Brynsen and Cappellen, handled the task with ease hitched to the Sunwood Chuck Wagon. Dennis Johnson drove the fine team with Ron Dayton riding "shotgun," while the girls (Marge and Sherrie) rode with Marge's dog "Nickie." The drive went well as we had a chance to see the small communities along the way. It always amazes me how these folks in the valley turn out for so many events like this and the spirit of keeping the past alive for all us to enjoy. Carol Young and her helpers did a swell job of organizing the drive, providing plenty of water and pit stops along the way. We got to Kellogg at the tail end of their parade and enjoyed driving through town ending up at the high school where we had lunch and began loading up for the trip home.

There were many outfits including Howard Berge's original wagon (First Place) and many members of the Selkirk Driving Association, Clyde Long and his crew with his swell team of draft mules (another First Place), Chris Halloway and her family (with her dad Oscar driving an antique Brougham with their young team of Arabians), Dave Nelson and his fine team of palominos, Carol Young with her fine Vis a vis, Kim Hoodenpyle and family with her young cowboys as outriders, and many other rigs including Dave Shardlow, Dave Cox, and really too many others to mention.

This was the first attempt to bring the two towns of Wallace and Kellogg together for a joint celebration and keep the past alive for us all to enjoy. Thanks to Spring Hill Fjords for supplying the horsepower for our Chuck Wagon and all the help.

"Happy Trails," Ron & Sherrie Dayton


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Historic Silver Valley Commemorative Drive

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