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The Trot is a natural, two-beat gait. The Walk is a natural, four-beat gait. The Gallop is a natural, four-beat gait. The Pace is an artificial, two-beat gait. The Canter is an artificial, three-beat gait. The Rack is an artificial, four-beat gait.

A normal hoof/pastern axis for the front feet is between 45 and 50 degrees and the axis for the hind feet is between 50 and 55 degrees.

Lessening the degree of hoof/pastern axis unnaturally lengthens stride; increasing the degree shortens stride. Both predispose the horse to injury.

A "coon-footed" horse's hoof/pastern axis is broken back at the coronary band (pastern slopes back away from hoof wall).

A "club-footed" horse's hoof/pastern axis is broken back 60 degrees or greater at the coronary band.

A "pigeon toed" horse's feet deviate toe inwards, expressing a "paddling" motion.

A "toed-out" horse's feet deviate toe outwards, expressing an interfering motion called "winging."

"Equus," the Roman word for horse, literally meant in balance in motion on four legs. At rest the horse bears about 65% of its weight on the forelimbs.


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