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Ponies - Ponies - Ponies!

There is a new horse club forming in Eastern Washington, based in the Omak- Okanogan area. This new club will be focused on Ponies and will be called the Eastern Washington Pony Club.

The purpose of this club is to draw together all Pony owners involved in all aspects of breeding, showing, driving and just plain pleasure riding. If there is enough interest, it may be possible to have a Pony Show in October.

This club will have all breeds of ponies. Just to name a few: Miniatures, P.O.A.'s, Welsh, Shetlands, Walking Ponies, Quarter Ponies and, let's not forget, the most beloved "Backyard Pony!"

Sizes of ponies vary greatly from up to, but not including 58 inches (14.2 hands) and on down to the smallest Mini's.

The first organizational meeting was at HomeTown Pizza in Omak. All monthly meetings will be held there on the third Thursday of each month, at 6pm. Satellite members who live out of the area are welcome to join. All memberships are family for $20 a year, beginning and ending on July 1st.

Come help us plan our future! For more information call Pat Byrd, 509/422-6388 after 3pm, or you may call Juanita Cooksey, 509/223-3055

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