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Allegra Equine Formulas Presents: EquiMasters 2001 Horse Expo: 'Experience the Excitement'

World-class equine specialists will be featured at the EquiMasters 2001 Horse Exposition, October 6-7, in Puyallup, Washington. The third annual Exposition, presented by Allegra&tm; Equine Formulas, will be held at Puyallup's Western Washington Fairgrounds. Tradeshow, demonstrations, performances, lectures and vendors will be part of this year's Exposition for horse owners, riders and enthusiasts.

Several world-class technicians are scheduled to give presentations at the two-day Expo. Among those confirmed is Clinton Anderson, Chris Irwin, Joyce Loomis-Kernek, Michael Pariseau, Tiffani Loudon, Shawna and Vinton Karrasch.

Clinton Anderson hails from Australia and is the creator of the "Feel the Difference" video series that advocates horsemanship through choice not force. Anderson teaches lead changes, sliding stops, turnarounds (spins), circles, lead departures and the ultimate in softness and collection. Whether participants ride English or Western, Anderson helps riders learn to position their horse's body, so that they can perform seamlessly with their horse, even after their first experience with Anderson's horsemanship.

Chris Irwin, Canada's leading technician and author of Horses Don't Lie, is an expert in the human/horse communication connection including Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, a rapidly growing practice in the U.S. that uses horses as a tool for treating troubled humans with problems ranging from addiction to relationships. Irwin's video series, "Discover Your Horsepower" demonstrates ground work, non-resistance riding, colt-starting and problem solving. Last year, Irwin was featured on the Discovery Channel's "Working with Animals" and the national radio program, "The Horse Show." In 2001, the Canadian-born Irwin was a featured presenter at Equine Affaire in Ohio.

Joyce Loomis-Kernek is a legend in the world of barrel racing. She has been riding, training or teaching barrel racing for 48 years. Joyce is the only woman to have won Miss Rodeo America, WPRA World Champion Barrel Racer, Flag Racer, and Ribbon Roper. She has also won the National Finals Rodeo. She has gone on to win World Titles in the American Quarter Horse Association and the American Paint Horse Association. Joyce has won AQHA Honor Roll Barrel Racing Horse and the State Championship in Nebraska six times. A versatile and knowledgeable horsewoman, Joyce has shown Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Jumping, Reining, Western and English Pleasure along with roping event horses. She has put points and/or dollar wins on well over 140 heads of horses. Joyce stays busy training futurity horses, holding clinics, giving lessons and writing books and articles about the horse industry.

Michael Pariseau is proficient in many different styles of riding but prefers High School Dressage for the challenge it presents to both him and his horse. His training methods are based on love and respect; which he believes is the only way to get the most out of any horse. It is obvious he has a wonderful relationship with his horses, when you see them working together. Michael developed his training methods from watching, learning and common sense. Michael says, "It's the horses that do the work, that is why they should be the ones to get the praise."

Shawna and Vinton Karrasch are the co-founders of On Target Training, a remarkable training process that builds trust between animal and trainer, actually unlocking the animal's desire to perform. Shawna spent nearly ten years working to perfect her skills, not with horses, but in the pools at Sea World of California with killer whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals. Vinton Karrasch, a veteran of the grand prix circuit, became Shawna's husband and business partner. Vinton had begun riding at the age of 15 and progressed at a fast and furious pace, studying and absorbing all he could to become a successful jumper rider. Vinton competed as a junior up through the grand prix level, and spent years training with some of the top professionals of show jumping. He focused on riding and training his own up-and-coming horses and grand prix jumpers, as well as on coaching his clients and training their horses. Shawna and Vinton Karrasch have won the praise of the U.S. Equestrian Team, as well as many universities, pony clubs, and mounted police units around the country. They are also well known in Canada where they have held numerous clinics.

Tiffani Loudon was born and raised in Port Orchard, WA. She started riding at age 5 and joined the Peninsula Pony Club where she eventually earned her graduate "A" Rating. She later became involved with the Young Rider Program where she was selected four times to compete on the team for the North American Young Rider Championships and earned a silver medal. At age 19 Tiffani moved to Blythewood, S.C. to further her equestrian career. She was short-listed by the United States Equestrian Team (USET) in 1998 for the European Young Rider Championships, in 1999 for the Pan American Games and in 2000 for the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. Major international wins for Tiffani include the Rolex Kentucky CCI, the most prestigious 3-day event in the Western Hemisphere, the Inaugural Foxhall Cup CCI in Georgia and the Camino Real CCI in Texas. Her equestrian experience includes numerous successful horse trails and 3-day events throughout the United States and Canada as well as England and Scotland.

"Allegra&tm; Equine Formulas ... `The Horse Food Recommended by Equine Professionals' ... is proud to bring this event to the Northwest again this year," Land O'Lakes Farmland Feeds Specialty Brand Manager Bryan Besteman said. "The excitement and interest in EquiMasters continues to grow, and we are honored that we're able to attract such high-caliber trainers and clinicians. There will be something for everyone, and northwestern horse enthusiasts won't want to miss this year's event."

During last year's Expo, thousands of horse lovers, professionals and riders from several states including Washington, Idaho, Oregon, California as well as Canada participated in seminars, clinics and demonstrations. Some riders learned how to improve their performance by conquering fears, building trust and bonding with their horses. Others discovered equine exercise, nutrition, therapy, and animal communications. Horse enthusiasts of all ages and levels enjoyed performances and demonstrations by equine drill teams and gymnasts. EquiMaster itself grows with every passing year and we're sure you won't want to miss our action packed venue for 2001. Anticipation! Expectation! Join us Oct 6th - 7th and get ready to "Experience the Excitement".

Hours for the Horse Exposition will be, Saturday, October 6, from 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. and Sunday, October 7, from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Advance ticket prices are $8.00/day for adults, $4/day for children ages 6 - 12. Children under 5 will get in free. Tickets purchased at the gate will be $10.00/day for adults and $5/day for children 6 - 12. Advance tickets may be purchased at all Land O'Lakes Farmland Feed, Albers, Darigold and other Allegra&tm; Equine Formulas retailers throughout the states of Washington and Oregon.

For additional information contact Pat Turner at Allegra&tm; Horse Food at 1-800-457-2804 or, and Showmasters, Inc. at 1-765-655-2107 or

Allegra&tm; Equine Formulas, manufactured by Land O'Lakes Farmland Feeds, is a premium line of products formulated and recommended by Northwest Equine Professionals.

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