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Making 'Special' Childrens' Dreams A Reality
by Barbara Turner - Gallop Coordinator

With quite impressive show records, this year's Gallop has 42 stallions participating from Washington, Texas, California, Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Oregon, Arkansas, California, Kansas, Idaho, and Canada. Stallion breeding fees range from $500 to $4,500 per service. This year's event has a total of one National Champion, fourteen World Champions (three are two-time World Champions, and one other that is a six-time World Champion). Additionally, we have seven Reserve World Champions, three APHA Champions, one APHA Versatility Award Winner, one #2 Lifetime APHA Performance Earning Stallion, sixteen on the "Top Ten Leading Sires List" of their breed registry, ten AQHA Congress Winners, one Reserve AQHA Congress Winner, one NRHA Derby Champion, one NRHA Saddlesmith Open Champion, twenty-four Superior Stallions (one holds eleven Superiors, another holds five Superiors), and twenty-seven World Qualifying Stallion's (several being multiple qualifiers).

Over sixty percent of our stallions in the line-up will be previewed live under the spotlights at 2 pm. The balance will be viewed on ten-foot screens in a separate preview parade to kick off at 1 pm. Be sure to visit with these stallions and their owners - who will be located around the grounds and at their stalls. This is a time when you can do some homework on the mare care facilities, costs, and breeding procedures of stallions and ranches that are on your list. It also gives you an opportunity to take a good look at these stallions close up. If you're looking at transported semen be sure to contact those stallion owners prior to the event and find out what your transport costs will be. Also, check on what their "Live Foal Guarantee" consists of. Our commercial trade show opens to the public at 1pm and runs throughout the event. In this issue of Horse Previews, check out the Trade Show layout for additional information on who and what will be there - then stop by the booths, shop and visit with several of the horse related exhibitors.

For all you sports enthusiasts, back by popular demand will be Curt Marsh, a seven-year starter at offensive guard for the Los Angeles Raiders and member of the 1983 Super Bowl Championship team. Tom Flores, former Raider Quarterback, who coached the team from 1979 to 1987 said, "By the end of Curt's college career he stood 6'5", weighed 285 pounds and had a 52-inch chest. He was on every NFL team's wish list. He was the guy we wanted. We liked Curt's size, and thickness, everything about him. We wanted him first and (future Hall of Fame defensive end) Howie Long second. That says a lot." Curt was involved in one of Wishing Star's first "wishes": a young man who wanted to meet one of the L.A. Raiders who had just won the Super Bowl that year. Before we could even finish making the arrangements; Curt was on a plane to come visit Michael.

You'll all have a chance to meet Curt. He looks forward to returning to the Gallop stage to commentate with Gallop Coordinator Barbara Turner and Cat Country 94 Disc Jockey, Jim Diamond! Don't hesitate to stop Curt, say hello, and get an autograph.

We're kicking off this year's opening ceremony with Elvis in the house! Elvis Wendlandt, a Spokane Valley man, is keeping the Elvis name alive. This magnificent, talented impersonator has a voice identical to Elvis. He has gained the admiration of many throughout the West Coast and Las Vegas. Developing a mystique that truly brings back memories, from his first performance at a small convention to co-starring with Dan Cortese on MTV Sports, to most recently being cast in a multi-million dollar movie in Las Vegas. Over 240 million people have seen him worldwide since 1995, including a clip on CNN that aired in 1997. If you have not seen Elvis' appearance in the movie, "3,000 Miles To Graceland," which stared Kevin Costner, Kurt Russell, David Arquette, Christian Slater, and Courtney Cox, or his interviews on the television stations KXLY, KHQ and KIRO, or live remotes for KDRK, Oldies 101, 93 ZOO FM or Rock 106, here is your opportunity to sit back and be highly entertained. Elvis has performed with Jan and Dean, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Kingsmen, Marvelettes, Sherells, Mitch Ryder, Marilee Rush, and the Drifters. Elvis provides quality family entertainment that pleases the young and the young-at-heart. Look for Elvis to autograph your Gallop Souvenir Program! Elvis will kick off the Opening Ceremony right after the preview parade of our stallions. We guarantee you, he's something you won't want to miss!

Be prepared to bring the camera as Darik Anderson returns to our Gallop event performing the finale of the Opening Ceremony with his ever so popular Arabian stallion and friend, Bey Shahboom, back again by popular demand. Watch this team impress hundreds of people attending this year's event with their freestyle liberty performance. When this stallion flies into the arena with nothing but Darik Anderson's voice to guide him, you will be introduced to the most outstanding freestyle liberty performance in the United States. The devotion expected from the black Arabian stallion will fill the arena as Bey Shahboom responds to Darik's call. The two will capture the hearts of breeders and spectators across the country. Bey Shahboom's ability to relax and trust people is an attitude, which will amaze many people. Possessing superb skills Bey Shahboom's trainer, handler, and owner Darik Anderson, is an accomplished horseman in several disciplines. Darik has been working for some time with the concept of communicating with horses through their own language, as wild horses would with each other in a natural herd. Like the movie, "Horse Whisperer," some people have accused Darik of using mental telepathy because he communicates so well with animals, but he says it isn't so. You be the judge! Stop by and visit with Bey Shahboom and ask Darik to autograph your Gallop Program.

Once again, 2001 brings together the "Children" and the "Horse Industry" in a beautiful production number. This presentation will be performed after Elvis and right before Darik Anderson's performance. The stage will be filled with special effects and area talent, and you will have a chance to meet some of our Wishing Star children. Back by popular demand this year, is actress/singer Julie Powell. She will be on stage to sing and perform with our "Ambassador of Good Will" for Gallop 2001. Having Julie on our stage is an honor. She has appeared in several professional musical theatres in performances of Carousel; Baby; Lend Me A Tenor; Big River; Pirates Of Penzance; Little Shop Of Horrors; Nunsense; and Godspell. Her love of children and singing is a winning combination and Wishing Star wanted her to appear at their number one fund-raising event. Nothing should be missed at this event, but these production numbers are a definite must see!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to breed to some of the world's finest! Mail, phone, and Internet bids will be accepted through the night before the sale - August 17th. For phone in bids the day of the sale - August 18th, our phone number at the Fairgrounds office is 509/477-1432.

If you missed out on the opportunity to buy a Big "D" collector's blanket, now is the time to start saving. We are honored that Big "D" has chosen to support our foundation and Gallop. Limited Edition Blankets will once again be auctioned off at the event. Big "D" doesn't offer this anywhere else in the United States. Here in the Northwest and around the United States, those who own a blanket from previous years are very fortunate as they have become sought-after collector items. Being non-stocked blankets, this is the eleventh year these collector blankets have been offered. These blankets are quality above the "All American" blanket. This year's limited edition blanket will feature a custom design by artist Tod Locke. This design brings a touch of Wishing Star's mission, it's children and horses. A child mounted on a black carousel horse reaching for a beautiful white dove with a star held in its mouth. Streams of gold follow the dove as it nears a small child's hand. Most will recognize the symbol of the dove as Wishing Star's logo. The bottom back corner of the blanket will have Wishing Star's Gallop's horse logo. Below the logo it will read, "Limited Edition Collector's Blanket, donated by Big "D" Blankets - One of three - 2001." Careful detail has gone into each blanket. In their desire to grant wishes for our children, artists Tod Locke and Glenn Drake, of Big "D" Blankets, create a design that is unique each year. The retail value of these blankets is $800. Take a look at this year's blanket at the event and see for yourself, it has got to be one the most creative blankets ever offered.

We also have several "non stallion service" auctioned items that we are very excited to offer. Are you a collector of items that are of rare opportunities? Cat Country 94 has donated a "Star Guitar" for Wishing Star Gallop. This "Gibson Epiphone Guitar" will be auctioned off during the event and on display in the "Cat Country 94" booth at the trade show. The "Star Guitar" has been autographed by many of the best Country Artist in the industry including: Alan Jackson, Lila McCann, Chad Brock, Billy Ray Cyrus, Sons of The Desert, Eric Heatherly, Kevin Sharpe, and more. This package also includes an autographed denim tour jacket from Alan Jackson. Thank you Cat Country! Are you looking for brand new tack? Horse & Habit has graciously donated a Saddle package to Wishing Star this year. This exciting package will contain a beautifully (light oiled) Big Horn pleasure saddle, with a headstall and Mayatex saddle blanket.

Thinking about going to the APHA, ApHC, AQHA World Show, Arabian US Nationals, Scottsdale, or maybe a non-horsy event like Disney world in Florida? Here's an opportunity...Southwest Airlines has donated two round trip tickets - anywhere in the U.S. These tickets are valid for travel through 2002 with no exceptions.

Do you need another pen for that extra horse, or maybe just additions to what you already own? Wing's Fencing will, again, be donating their 12x12, 5x5 bar corralled paneled pen with a Super Bow Gate.

Wishing Star is indebted to all the above donors, along with our sponsors and stallion donors, in their compassion to help make wishes come true!!

Wishing Star is pleased to introduce, through Horse Previews, our Wishing Star Gallop Ambassador of Good Will for 2001, Courtney Anderson. Courtney is looking forward to seeing all of you at this year's event. Courtney is a seven-year-old who is battling cancer. Her wish was to go to Disney World, which happened for her in May of this year. Be sure to give her a warm round of applause as she enters the arena for a production number, which highlights this very special young girl! Wishing Star thanks, Horse Previews Magazine for graciously letting us better educate the public on our auction and its foundation. Calls have come in from everywhere. We are grateful to Editor, Helen Boyd, for the opportunity she's provided us. When at Gallop, stop by the Horse Previews booth in the Trade Show and visit with Helen and the rest of the staff!

I hope to see you all at the Gallop Stallion Service Auction on Saturday, August 18th to help support these children in a "Fun"-raising event. See you all there! For more information about Gallop or the Wishing Star Foundation, please call Barbara Turner at 509/466-8719 or write to: Wishing Star Foundation, c/o: Barbara Turner, W. 915 2nd Ave., Suite #2, Spokane, WA 99201

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