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Norwegian Bloodlines of the Modern Fjord Horse

The following is taken from a letter written to Nona Forrester in 1982 from Tor Nestaas, the head of the Statens Fagtjeneneste for Landbruket (Government Guidance for Agriculture). It was originally published in the Fjord Herald, Winter 1987.

The founding father of the modern Fjord horse is the stallion Njal 166, born 1891. All living Fjords carry his blood & nearly all the active stallions descend in male-line from this stallion. The others, only two or three, descend in male-line from the stallion Baronen 193, born 1894. But these stallions are also strongly influenced by bloodlines from Njal 166. Njal & Baronen are both male-line descendants of the stallion Gange-Rolv I 42, born 1874. Njal is the third generation & Baronen is in the fourth generation.

Regarding the newer & actual bloodlines, I will take as a starting point the time around 1960. In the early sixties, a stallion named Torbjorn 1417, born 1946, emerged as the dominant father of new licensed stallions. His daughters were also the best in the whole breed. Torbjorn descended from the stallion Gloppang 894, born 1926, (his great-grandfather) who was a son of the male-line founder Hakon-Jarl 645, born 1913. Gloppang's maternal grandfather was the line-founder Bergfast 635 & so he carried the blood of two of the most important stallions in the history of the Fjord horse. Torbjorn 1417 is a very strong factor also today. He got 2 licensed & registered sons & 60 registered daughters. The most important of his sons was Ernar 1595 who had especially many good daughters, and Solve 1672 who had 8 registered sons. Torbjorn's grandson, Lideran 1653, whose father was Dale Jarl 1594, was the most important second generation descendant of Torbjorn and gave many quality sons & daughters. His son Feldar 1707 was an excellent father of mares. Another son is Gramann 1730 who is still alive & father of many good sons & daughters. Another important grandson of Torbjorn 1417 is Ola Gik 1703 who gave 10 licensed sons, including Dragtind 1781 sold to Harold Jacobsen of Carbondale, Colorado. When Torbjorn began to grow old, the stallion Valebu 1569, born 1955, took his place as the dominant father of new licensed stallion. Valebu, as Torbjorn, was a great-grandson of Gloppang 894. His male-line is not so strong today, but through his many daughters and their offspring he is still very important in the breed. One of the sons of Valebu 1569 who was exported to Denmark became the father of the excellent & famous stallion Rei Halsnaes D462 NJ 833. Rei Halsnaes was hired to Norway in 1980 as the first foreign-born Fjord stallion to be licensed to Norway. Another important stallion is Bagge, born 1949. Bagge was a descendant of the line-founder Bergfast 635, born 1913 who was his great-grandfather. Bagge's grandson is the great stallion Grabb 1651. Grabb has so far 13 licensed sons & many first class daughters. Bagge himself had 13 licensed sons, but it is through Grabb that is his most important influence today. As you know, Grabb 1651 was sold in 1980 to Harold C. Jacobsen. Besides Bergfast 635 and Hakon Jarl 645, Oyarblakken 819 was dominant from around 1940 to the early fifties. His most important son was Dyre 1059, born 1937. Dyre got as much as 56 licensed sons, 10 more than his father. Only two of his sons have male-line descendants today. One is Borgen 1406 who is the great-great-grandfather of Engeseten 1689 who especially has given high quality daughters but no sons of any importance. The other is Safir 1490, the father of Hosar 1717. Hosar is the father of one of today's best stallions, Jarmann 1788, a top quality producer of both stallions & mares.

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