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July 2001 Front Cover: The Norwegian Fjord Horse

The Pacific Northwest Fjord Promotional Group

The Norwegian Fjord Horse is one of the oldest and purest breeds of horses remaining in the world today. They carry most of the color and conformation of the ancient Asian Przewalski Horse.

The Fjord horse has been popular in the European countries for centuries, but was not extensively imported to the United States until the 1960's.

The popularity of the Norwegian Fjord Horse is expanding very rapidly in the USA and Canada for several reasons. Their gentleness and versatility (the most popular terms used to describe the Fjord Horse.) Also, many people will buy one Fjord out of curiosity, and soon admit to being "hooked" on Fjords and purchase more!

The Pacific Northwest Fjord Horse Promotional Group (PNFPG) was formed in 1986 by Canadians and Americans from the Pacific Northwest who shared a common interest - the beautiful Norwegian Fjord Horse. Our members number over 100 and are both owners and breeders whose goals are to promote the excellent purebred breeding policies of the Norwegian breeders and to make the general public aware of the wonderful features of the Fjord Horse and what it can do.

One of the largest promotions of the PNFPG is the International Fjord Horse Show, which is held in conjunction with Libby Nordicfest. The 2001 show is September 7th, 8th & 9th in Libby, Montana. The three day show features only purebred Fjords competing in halter, riding and driving performance classes and a weight pull.

For more information on the Libby Show or the wonderful Norwegian Horse you can contact, Sherrie Dayton, 208/623-3600 or Dennis Johnson, 208/772-2903.

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